Advantages of Buying Alloy Wheels

Advantages of Buying Alloy Wheels

When you are kitting out your car, you may think that choosing alloy wheels is the extravagant, flashy option, and if your budget is tight, you may think that cheaper steel wheels are the better choice for you – after all, you have been told that steel is stronger! However, do not be too hasty to turn your back on the beautiful alloy wheel options available without knowing all the pros and cons of the matter.

Steel is stronger, this is true, and steel wheels are cheaper – at the purchase point, at least. However, alloy wheels are perfectly strong enough to cope with most roads that average drivers will be interested in using, so the fact that steel is stronger should not override the fact that alloys are strong enough for most purposes – and certainly for all domestic driving. Even the racing industry has embraced alloys, which proves they work well at speed!

Alloy wheels are much lighter than steel wheels, and this gives them several advantages over heavy steel wheels.

The first advantage is to the responsiveness of the car. A lighter vehicle is easier to steer, so your handling and cornering will feel sharper, your steering will be more responsive, and your brakes will work more easily, especially in an emergency stop situation.

The second advantage is to the wear and tear the vehicle experiences. Parts wear out, metal becomes fatigued, and needing to regularly replace small spares is a common phenomenon of car ownership. However, once you pop your alloy wheels on, you will find that the time between these minor nuisances becomes much greater, as the lighter weight puts less strain on the vehicle’s components.

The third advantage is to your fuel consumption. So much lighter than steel are alloy wheels that it is estimated that you will use between ten and twenty per cent less fuel than you would when using steel wheels on your vehicle. A quick calculation of how much money that will be: the amount of times you fill up in a given period, the cost of fuel, and then deduct eighty to ninety percent leaves you with the money you will save over that time.

A final advantage to buying alloy wheels rather than steel, this one not related to the lightness or the strength of the materials: alloy wheels will not rust in sea air or on gritted roads in the same way that steel wheels do.

So you see, within a very few years from, you will have more than covered the extra cost of your alloy wheels, and enjoyed the many benefits of alloy wheels during that time, with many more years of improved driving still to come! So, if you are considering pumping up your ride with new wheels then we recommend to get good quality cheap MAK Wheels in Rainham from Elite Direct. You can book online without any upfront charges or call at 01708525577 to talk to a customer representative.