What To Buy A New Mum For Mother’s Day!

What To Buy A New Mum For Mother’s Day!

Since having Posie a month ago we have been spoiled rotten by our friends and family. Flowers, gifts of food made for us, chocolate for the big kids and lots of lovely things for Posie too. People have been so thoughtful and so generous it has actually made me well up on many occasions and the gifts, well, they just keep on coming – we are all feeling so lucky!

So, what SHOULD you be buying for a new Mum, especially with Mother’s Day on the horizon? Well, I have just a little bit experience now…

I’ve just adored being made a fuss of by my friends since having Posie!

Of course flowers is a good choice, I love to have them in the house brightening up the day and without doubt buy chocolates and make meals to doorstep deliver for your friends but another really lush idea is buying a baby hamper for a new Mummy – I have loved all the little bits that come in one package oohing and ahhing at each item and it’s a dream of a gift! Now, this doesn’t have to take up much of your time or even mean you have to find the perfect bits to include for yourself because The Baby Hamper Company can do the hard bit for you, even down to posting it out (which for me is the bit that annoys me the most and I spend days getting around to going to the post office meaning my presents are always late)!

Now they have lots of lovely hampers already made up for you if you haven’t got the time to browse but I love to shop so if I was choosing then I’d go for their Personalised Baby Hamper where you can mix and match items for baby (and Mum) in 5 easy steps. Choose an item of baby clothing, a beautiful toy, a muslin or a blanket, a gift for Mum and an extra special personalised item at the end! They will then be packed into luxury gift boxes and posted to the lucky Mama! You can get a 10% discount at the checkout if you use the code: HAMPER10 FYI!

A Personalised Baby Hamper from The Baby Hamper Company is just such a gorgeous gift!

I am so lucky to have been thought of so much by my friends and I always try to buy something lovely for them when they have babies too because I know that this time, though wonderful, is hard. Having a new baby be it your first or your fourth or more, is tiring and emotional and hard work. Just a little something through the post is a massive pick me up and so where we love to celebrate new babies being born anyway and regardless, this is just another reason to let a new mum you know feel loved!

It’s Mother’s Day coming up and babies can’t buy presents of their own… Just a reminder!

And a picture of Posie too because, well, just because!