Lockdown Diary #3 – Week Nine!

Lockdown Diary #3 – Week Nine!

Well, I think week nine will be over and out for this particular lockdown diary and with hope that I never have to begin another one. I documented lockdown number one from our family perspective, week by week, until the children returned to school and because they were still in education for the second I didn’t feel the need to write. When the government closed schools for the third national lockdown I needed to begin a new diary but as of today, the 8th of March, school has resumed and normality, although not quite here yet, is on the horizon. We are still in lockdown but we are slowly moving to a normal, albeit a new normal, and for that I am very grateful!

For our last week of home school (hurrah) we definitely moved things down a gear. I wasn’t prepared to have the mega arguments with Jimmy to make him do his work so sometimes, this week, it just didn’t get done. I think we all needed a break from the battles and before real school began again but with it in the offing it felt ok to do that.

I think Jimmy has suffered the most in our family. He is angry but doesn’t understand why and we in turn have got angry with him when he has misbehaved which has made it all worse. Hard not to react to bad behaviour but we have tried this week and hope with a school return next it might be just what he needs to level his emotions again. He neds his friends and I think it will do him the power of good.

So this last week, which saw Posie turn one month (how?!) and Florence celebrate her friends high school news (everyone else got the news of schools this week) as well as Raffie continue to love his nursery, we have been a bit calmer, a bit more care free and a bit more hopeful. Bring on spring!

Florence, Gram and I had to do some high school things in the city on Monday! They enjoyed a Costa which shows the little things have become very exciting!
Posie came too and we pushed her around in her buggy all wrapped up warm!
Then we came home to a wonderful meal cooked and delivered to us by a very good friend!
Tuesday and we hit up The FamyPresent boxes!
Raffie made a family map!
Jimmy made story dice!
A sleepy Park visit while her brothers and sister played!
Roundabouts and…
How this one manages to always get a carry is beyond me?!
And suddenly on Wednesday, after 35 seconds of her being born, she is one month old!
I took lots of pictures!
My lovely friend Denise gave me a hand a foot clay printing kit for Posie so to celebrate one month of her we did it last night!
So pleased with the results!
We went double Shnuggling in a reinvention of the old tin bath for kitchen bathing on Thursday!
I think Raffie was more pleased with his toddler Shunuggle than anyone has ever been pleased with a bath ever!
We hhad lots of double Shunuggle baths!
In the kitchen!
Which everyone wanted in on!
Many ccolicky nights and tired eyes!
The last of the home school taken by Gram!
A full day at nursery at the end of the week wore Raffie out!
Jimmy had a sleepover at Gram’s!
Saturday we celebrated no more home school!
With some Get Treated brownies of course!
Raffie continued to adore Posie!
A lot!
We ddid foot prints with Dotty Pottery at home!
And ppainted plates!
Which was lots of fun!
Floremce ddid hers on a Zoom call with a friend who we bought a plate for so they could celebrate her birthday together!
Oh Posie!
And then Florence and Jimmy went back to school and Raffie went to nursery all day!
And just one left at home with me for the first Monday back!