Aldi Gin And Fizz!

I’ve long been a fan of the Aldi version of Pimms. Austin’s Summer Punch tastes EXACTLY the same. Honestly. There is quite literally no difference that I can detect whatsoever. Apart from the price… £5.99 (70cl) a bottle is all you’ll pay for Austin’s which is clearly a marked difference. Even when it’s on its best offers you never get a 70cl bottle of Pimms for that price. So… When it tastes the same why pay more?

I used to be a bit of  supermarket snob years ago. Before Aldi had become as brilliant as it is today, when it didn’t stock much and I couldn’t ever find anything, I hardly ever went in there. My Mum however has always been a big fan and when I used to turn my nose up at shopping there myself, I never turned my nose up at the Austin’s! If you haven’t tried it then make sure you do! Not only is Aldi pretty amazing for everything else these days but c’mon! It’s summer! It’s definitely time for a lookey likey Pimms and lemonade!

Anyway… I’ve been trying out some of the other Aldi alcoholic beverages over the weekend (I know, tough job and all that) and I am here to report it’s not just Austin’s that will be on my shopping list!

Aldi Alcohol Post

Aldi sent me some Gin and two bottles of fizz! A Prosecco and a Sparkling Chardonnay!

So let’s start with the bubbles!

First let’s talk about the Prosecco. At £7.99 a bottle this one is fairly pricey by Aldi standards (not by any other standards of course) but I think this particular bottle is definitely worth it. Very smooth, crisp and leaves a delicate taste in the mouth. I am not ashamed to say I know my bubbles and this one is delicious! We took it to our park where our area was celebrating the culmination of our local festival. We sat on a picnic rug and drank this straight from our chiller box while we listened to the bands playing!

Second up in the Sparkling Chardonnay. Now, I am not a Chardonnay fan. It’s too dry for me and I don’t usually like the way it makes my face wince with the sharpness. I have to say that this bottle at £7.29 was not my cup of tea. It didn however, manage to be more palatable than other Chardonnays I have tried. My husband loves a dry white and enjoyed this bottle so I do think it’s down to personal taste. Lovely shaped bottle though!

And now let’s get on to that Gin!

Aldi Alcohol 1

I like both of these Gins! But I prefer the price to the one on the left!

I recently bought this bottle of Gordon’s Gin in Tesco when it was on offer at about £15. Having tried the Aldi lookey likey (tastey likey too) I know I should have gone there instead! Just like the Austins it really does taste exactly the same and when doing blind tastings we couldn’t tell the difference! We had fun trying though! The Aldi Gin costs £10.19 for 70cl. I defy anyone to be able to tell the difference! Really!

We had a lovely tipsy time trying out all these drinks and it only affirms what I already knew! Aldi do brilliant booze! At even more brilliant prices!

I was sent some bottles to try for the purpose of an honest review.

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  1. Ha! I’ve been drinking their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for years! Unfortunately, so does everybody else in our part of Surrey too, as it’s always sold out! Totally agree with the Austin’s too- it’s exactly the same.

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