Lakeland Chef’n Palm Peeler!

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Ok, this is going to make me seem like a right geek but I have, for a long time, been trying to find a peeler that works as well as the one my Grandma gave me when I first moved out of home and which broke a couple of years ago.

It didn’t look to be anything special, it was just a regular peeler but it worked so well and I loved it. There you are. I’ve said it. I loved my old peeler and I am a peeler geek. And I don’t even care!

I haven’t though, despite buying many, found one which I like even half as much. I’ve bought ones which LOOK the same. They’re not any good. I’ve bought ones which are completely different, they just don’t work. And I’ve bought expensive ones and cheap ones, nothing has been in that Grandma peeler league! Excuse the pun here but they just haven’t cut it!

Until now!

Lakeland sent me a very odd looking peeler indeed. I love Lakeland and could happily spend hours perusing their shelves but my beady eye hadn’t spotted this before. Perhaps I’ve just become so disillusioned with peelers that I don’t even notice them anymore. However, now that my attention has been drawn I am VERY pleased because this one, (I feel a bit bad saying this, a bit disloyal to my old peeler even) is THE BEST peeler I’ve ever used!

It fits in the palm of your hand, has a ring to pop your finger through (fits any sized digit) and then you just sweep away from you over the vegetable of your choice! It worked, oh my it works! It works like a peeling dream!

Thank you Lakeland! I have finally found the perfect peeler and the best news is this! The Chef ‘n Palm Peeler only costs £5.29 and even has a build in potato eye remover!

Lakeland Peeler Post

Loving the Chef ‘n Palm Peeler!

I was sent the peeler for the purpose of an honest review.