You may have decided to have hair transplant surgery, but the difficult part is determining where or which nation to have the procedure performed in order to achieve the best outcomes. Furthermore, things get more difficult to settle on, especially if you want all-inclusive packages.

The reason for that each clinic and each country has its own unique way of constructing an all-inclusive package.

As a result, we should concentrate on the term “all-inclusive.” What features does it have? What exactly is included in the price?

For instance, you may think that an all-inclusive package should have;

  • 2 nights in a 4-star hotel for two breakfasts or dinners included
  • On the day of the operation, a light lunch which is served at the clinic
  • Interpreters
  • Transfers from the airport
  • Medications and Post-Operative Care Products
  • Shampoo for Hair Loss
  • After-Operation Lotion
  • Spraying after surgery
  • Hair band and a unique post-op cap
  • Online post-operative monitoring

So, let’s have a look at the nations that provide all-inclusive packages and their prices one by one.

Let’s begin with United Kingdom. The majority of hair transplantation facilities in the United Kingdom fee by the graft. When considering hair transplant cost in the UK, a client usually expect to pay between £ 3.5 and £7 per graft, depending on the clinic. This means that 3.000 grafts in the UK will expense between £10.500 and £18.000, and 4.000 grafts could cost between £12.000 and £24.000. Furthermore, some clinics may charge you up to £40.000 for 3.000 grafts. Most people find it difficult to pay these expenses.

As a result, these people look for all-inclusive packages from which they might benefit. They do not receive a face-to-face extremely economical pricing table at that time.

All you can find in an all-inclusive package in the UK is; two days stay at a hotel, a three-day post-procedure visit for a hair wash, transportation, aftercare services, shampoo, some blood tests on the hair. The price, on the other hand, is $18.000.

When it comes to the USA, things are not very different than the United Kingdom. All they have in an all-inclusive package are respectively the consultation, all follow-up appointments, pre-op lab testing, and all supplies. So, as you can see there is no hotel-stay or transportation. And, you can save just 30% or so. When it is nearly $12.000 for a 3.000 graft hair transplantation, it still is a huge money for some.

On the other hand, if you still want a successful hair transplant but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, you should go to Turkey.

The clinics and some special hospitals in Turkey includes the following elements into an all-inclusive packages.

  • Transfers from the airport and the hotel to the clinic
  • Accommodation in a 5-star or 4-star hotel, depending on your package selection
  • Pre-consultation and blood testing.
  • True Planning and Doctor Consultation
  • If you like, you can have your needles anesthetized.
  • Smile bag with all necessary materials and medications for follow-up treatment
  • PCR tests
  • Follow-up care for 18 months

You will have this hair transplant all-inclusive package in Turkey for just $2000 to $6000.

At this stage, you may ask why it is so cheap to get a hair transplant, even an all-inclusive package. Here is the answer for you. Because of the currency exchange rate between the British pound and the Turkish lira, Turkey is less expensive for hair transplants than the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe, or the United States. Furthermore, because medical tourism is important to the Turkish economy, the Turkish government encourages hospitals that accept international patients.

So, no need to hesitate, it is what it is. Everything is clear, you can do your research and have the same outcomes.

On the other hand, rather than the price, Turkey is famous for hair transplants because of the exceptional and natural outcomes achieved by their surgeons. Some of the greatest surgeons are in Istanbul, and hair transplant facilities in Turkey have been shifting gears for many years. Internationally famous clinics can be found in Istanbul. People from all over the world might be found praising the clinic where they received their transplant in Istanbul.

Moreover, the all-inclusive packages have the same roots and ground in the other countries around the world.

You can go to Mexico, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, or Greece. Similar features are also included in their all-inclusive packages. You must have at least $8000 in your bank account to purchase a package that includes transportation, meals, and a hotel or motel, and you may require extra money.

To sum up, Turkey would be the best country to go to get a hair transplant. For the past 25 years, the country has prioritized medicine. People go to Turkey from all over the world for hair transplants and major procedures because it has sophisticated hospitals with trained surgeons who take a multidisciplinary approach to each patient. The increased use of the internet and online searches has boosted the volume of medical tourism globally, and the government is attempting to expand its share to assist the economy. So, buying an all-inclusive package is only matter of time for you.


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