Art Of Banksy UK!

Art Of Banksy UK!

With a recent Instagram confirmation from Banksy that he had been on a “spray-cation” across Norfolk, decorating even my favourite Cromer with his terrifically political masterpieces, it felt like no better time than to visit the Art of Banksy exhibition in London and see a few more of his creations.

Poking the fact locals can no longer afford to stay in their home town of Cromer, Norfolk, Banksy says things like they are. (Picture courtesy of my friend Cookie.)

The exhibition is an unauthorised (I wonder what Banksy will make of that – part of me thinks he will hate it but then the other part of me feels it’s a rebel move and who would he be to criticise?) collection of original and authenticated works by the acclaimed artist who dips under the radar when it comes to his real identity – many theories surround that information. Private collectors and artists who have been gifted prints as a thank you for working along side him over the years have contributed to this wonderful walkway time capsule of his work. The most famous of his sprays, information about how and why he does it, snippets of sound bites he has made and then lots of pieces and information we didn’t know made this a really enjoyable exhibition. We took the children and I have to say there were a few elements that perhaps weren’t entirely suitable for small eyes so we whizzed them past bits and pieces but for the most I think they found it really interesting too.

The selfie station at the end provided a real hand on experience of immersing ourselves within the art and the children certainly enjoyed this element. A really great morning was had by all of us and we left with things to talk about for a good while to come. I wouldn’t say I’m a massive art gallery fan in general but as with anything Banksy, this is a little bit different!

The Art of Banksy exhibition full of privately owned collections of his work on loan, is in Covent Garden. Tickets can be booked through the website and prices are variable with student and child discounts while children under 6 go for free.

We were gifted our tickets as part of a collaboration.

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