Indian Summer Hopes With Femme Luxe!

Indian Summer Hopes With Femme Luxe!

Femme Luxe have done it again with a very special delivery of some summer clothes to make me happy. I love to shop (a past time I seem to have given my daughter also) and yet rarely have the time to go out and visit a shop, let alone try clothes on while there. Four children in tow doesn’t really allow for much time to pour over a retail therapy day but the middle of the night is my time to browse. The on line aisles come alive and I literally can’t help myself. Now the summer is surely nearly over (did it ever start weather wise?!) so spending too much money on new garms isn’t really advisable, instead affordable fashion is the way forward and as I head into what I can only hope will be a Indian summer to replace the lacklustre, rainy August vibes, I’m still very much on lighter, brighter colours to party on with sun!

Out, out as a lady in red with my one shoulder, flared play suit and I’m very much hoping for somewhere exciting to go though of course, if I don’t find it then this outfit hasn’t broken the bank at all! I think being bright and saying “yes, I’m here” is the way forward, wall flowers are so yesterday and being seen is the new tomorrow. So, here I am in my bright red and loving it!

I think if you can’t shine a light on yourself fashion wise during the summer months then when can you? I’m very much a black tights and boots girl as soon as the nights draw in massively and so now is the time to be barefoot and fancy free. A white skirt teamed with another of my Femme Luxe buys from another haul and I’m still feeling the hopes for some sun kissed moments before the kiddos go back to school. Come on sunshine, show your face!

This pleated skirt reminds me a bit of the outfits in my favourite 80s Brat Pack films. I love it for that alone. A suede or leather (this one’s pleather or vegan if you will), fringed and pleated affair which screams that era of fashion which has become so popular once again and Florence immediately took a shine to this one too. If I wasn’t bare foot I’d be wearing my cow boy boots with it!

For me, white really does entice the sunshine and bring out a more carefree, summer feel. White Dresses are also available at Femme Luxe and for the days when only a LBD will do, then of course they also do Black Dresses too! But for now I’m into a more boho vibe, come on September, if August couldn’t do it then the onus is on you to provide us with the weather to don Denim Shorts, cropped tops, mini skirts, floaty dresses and bikinis. I’m here for it, are you?!

Collaboration with Femme Luxe.