Salter Digital Bamboo Scales!

Salter Digital Bamboo Scales!

There comes a time in a gal’s life when she has to finally realise that if she wants to make cakes the children actually want to eat then she’s going to need some decent scales because her eye really isn’t that good and winging it in the kitchen just does not work for her. That time, for me, has come. I have had some kitchen scales that vaguely work but they’ve been on the blink since about 2008. They still turn on (sometimes) and they sort of roughly know what they’re doing so I’ve never thought to change them. They are, however, undoubtedly nowhere near being accurate and this is why nothing ever really does come out how it should, despite my best efforts everywhere else. Mary Berry, my Mum tells me, offers recipes which cannot go wrong as long as you follow the exact instructions and though I do, it’s hardly worth the effort if I don’t have the right equipment. These are the sorts of things I put off but the only hindrance to my baking (apart from when I drink too much prosecco and burn the cake – even I can’t hide behind bad equipment on that one)!

So… I’ve finally done it and got rid of those ancient unreliable (and cheapo) scales and into my life and bosom of my home (the kitchen) have welcomed a new set of scales. The Salter Bamboo Digital Scales no less which are all kinds of merit in just one form.

They have a lifetime rechargeable battery – no running low and thinking oh just a spoon more and I’m sure that’ll be what it is, have a weigh zero function meaning you don’t have to add up as you go along, returning the reading to nothing with each ingredient, an aquatronic function to measure liquids (hurrah) in either ml or fl.oz, a switch to flit between metric and imperial measurements and they come with a 15 year guarantee. Not only this but they are supported by SEA LIFE Trust charitable partnerships, are made with only 2.5% plastic and have an eco bamboo platform which is obviously environmentally friendly but goes with any kitchen, any style and any colour. For me also, a major l=plus is that they are thin like an iPad and easy to fit in my jam packed baking cupboard. I am THAT woman, grown up enough now to have a proper set of weighing scales but not quite there on the organisational front. It’s a more shut the cupboard door closed if you possibly can kind of affair in my kitchen – sorry Mum!

Now, using the scales is super easy, it’s self explanatory so as soon as you’ve charged them up you’re good to go with either the platform itself as a base to weigh or you can use pretty much any container that you have which will fit (most) so there is literally no more excuses to have dense cakes or something so sweet it will make your teeth clench. I’m afraid I can’t be any more responsible for burning though as the scales are bloody useless at stopping me drinking prosecco mid-bake. You can’t have everything eh?!

If you would like my no bake (chin chin away) Lotus Biscoff millionaire’s shortbread recipe (the easiest thing in the world because you literally have to just weigh stuff out and you’re good to go) then see below!

No Bake Lotus Biscoff Millionaire’s Shortbread:


400g Lotus Biscoff biscuits, 150g salted butter, 1 tbs of melted Lotus Biscoff smooth spread, 200g dark chocolate, salt and one tin of carnation caramel. That. Is. It!


Blitzt the biscuits retailing a couple for the decoration and mix into them the butter and melted Lotus Biscoff spread then press them into a 9inch square tin which you have lined with baking paper.

Open the carnation caramel into a saucepan and bring to a simmer stirring in a pinch of salt. When bubbling remove from the pan and pour over the biscuit base. Chill in the fridge until set then pour over the melted dark choclate before decorating with the reserved crumbled biscuits and a trickle more of melted Lotus Biscoff spread if you fancy. Easy peasy!