Salter Digital Bamboo Scales!

Salter Digital Bamboo Scales! There comes a time in a gal’s life when she has to finally realise that if she wants to make cakes the children actually want to eat then she’s going to need some decent scales because her eye really isn’t that good and winging it in the kitchen just does not work for her. That time, for me, has come. I have had some kitchen scales that vaguely work but they’ve been on the blink since […]

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Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe With Uncle Ben’s Rice – #DinnerBringsUsCloser

Rocknrollerbaby’s Chicken Katsu Curry – serves 4! My children miss lots of things about living in London and aside from their school and pals I’d say top of the list for their misses is readily being able to buy Chicken Katsu Curry when we are out from lots of different market stalls. They can smell out that dish from 100 paces I swear and it’s their all time favourite food. Both of them in agreement for once is one kind […]

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