Ayurveda and Palmolive!

I absolutely love the idea of leading a holistic lifestyle. Much as I am drawn to the idea of attachment parenting and following things like the Continuum Concept with my approach to child rearing it’s just something that appeals. But just as with my ‘natural parenting’, the way I lead a holistic lifestyle is with a pick and choose attitude! I would simply love to be the person following all the ‘rules’ but it’s not something I seem to manage to do and so I just choose to do the bits I can. So, we co-sleep (because it’s easier and we all get a better nights sleep), I carry them in a sling (sometimes), believe in cuddles and lots of them and am a ‘Baby Led Weaning’ devotee (mainly because Jimmy won’t eat puree if I’m honest)! And that’s about it; the rest of it is made up on a day to day basis.

With leading a natural lifestyle I have to say I simply just try my best but you know what, sometimes one square of dark chocolate isn’t good enough and I’m afraid I need a big bar of milk choccy. I do love yoga, I absolutely do but I don’t have time to do it every day I’m afraid and I just do it as and when I can. I figure a little bit is better than nothing and hey, everything in moderation should be ok right? I think, like most Mum’s I need to do the things which make life as easy as possible and things like practicing specific disciplines take a lot of time and effort… When I heard about Ayurveda and leading a lifestyle using it as a basis seemed just up my street but again I suspected I would probably like it’s principles but follow it with a fair-weather attitude.

The other night it I was invited to an event to learn more about the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’ and the practices and ways I can incorporate it into my own life to help me. It’s a healthy lifestyle system that has been used for more than 5,000 years so if it’s been around that long there’s got to be something to it I thought. When I say I was invited, actually it was another blogger, Charlotte from ‘The Mummy Blogger’ who got the call and I just struck lucky as she couldn’t go and asked me to go in her place.

Now I love to hear all about ‘healthy living’ styles even if I can’t follow them religiously and this one is actually just quite a lot of common sense really. Everyone’s different and it totally recognises that. It says everything on this planet, including our bodies, consists of five master elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Our biological systems combine these forces into three primary patterns known as ‘Doshas’. Although we have all the Doshas in us we have our own individual one and first up was finding out which.

Vata Dosha need to eat and sleep at the same time every day. Eat warm foods which are easy to digest and do moderate exercise.

Pitta Dosha (me) should keep moderation in mind, keep cool and avoid direct sun light and avoid fried and spicy foods.

Kapha Dosha benefit from daily exercise and new experiences. They should choose foods which are light, warm and spicy.

So I completed a questionnaire to find out I am a ‘Pitta Dosha’ and then I listened intently (while eating some yummy nuts and dried fruits (no salt or sugar) as we were told all about it followed by a cooking demonstration and master class by Chef Anjum Anand. I simply loved hearing about how we should only ever eat what we can cup in our hands for any meal and tasting her delicious recipes. I couldn’t believe this glamorous and beautiful woman used to be fat but she said it wasn’t until she started following the principals of Ayurveda that she managed to keep her weight down and what’s more, the food was yummy! I loved her Momo recipe! These steamed dumplings not only tasted delish and homely but they are SO healthy it’s unreal; you’d never think it from the taste!

Anjum was very interesting and she said to me a little bit of what you fancy every now and then doesn’t do you any harm… I think I might be able to follow quite a few of these practices actually and another thing recommended is to have a massage when you can – it was utterly delightful having a foot massage just before the end of the event, I have no problems whatsoever in following that particular recommendation I can tell you!

So, what was the evening in aid of? Well, Palmolive have just launched (exclusively to Sainsbury’s at the moment) a new range of shower gels which have been inspired by the wisdom of Ayurveda, the Palmolive Ayurituel range. The evening was to introduce us to them and I have to say they are all delightful. There are, just like the Doshas, three of them:

‘Energy’ with stimulating Indian Sandalwood and Ginger extracts.

‘Joyous’ (My personal fave) which uses blissful Lotus Flower and Indian mulberry.

‘Tranquillity’ made using soothing Indian Neem and Patchouli extracts.

The shower gels are absolutely gorgeous and although subtle, the delicious scents will stay with you all day. I simply love the idea of Ayurveda but just like yoga and natural parenting I probably wouldn’t be able to keep everything up all of the time. I can however, always start my day off by using one of the shower gels. There’s one for everyone and they’re so delicious that I would even give them as gifts! They’re special and definitely not run of the mill although they are not expensive. A real luxurious treat that will start your day off in the right way even if you blow it by tea break and have a giant slice of cake!

I’m so thrilled to have been introduced to Ayurveda and have to say Palmolive have done a magnificent job with their new range.  Try them for yourself and see what you think! Oh and do try making the delicious Momos too! They’re easy, healthy and taste much more devilish than they are! Yum!