Balance bikes – how do they work

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Balance bikes – how do they work

Bikes generally were simply made to ignite childhood adventures, especially if they are Bobbin bikes! These two-wheelers make learning to ride a bike joyful, safe and mesmeric. Kids can now embark on rides spiked by their balance and curiosity, thanks to these thrilling bikes.

This post unveils the magic behind balance bikes, from their ingenious mechanics to the boundless joy they bring to young riders. Read on!

Difference between balance bikes and traditional bikes

Balance bikes are a delightful twist from the traditional bicycle. They come in different sizes and are made uniquely to rely on the balance, instead of pedals and training wheels.

The balance bike 12 inches is designed to help children develop their stability and coordination, right before transitioning to a pedal bike. 

How balance bikes work

Here is a closer look at how balance bikes do their magic;

Gravity is the magic wand

At the heart of a balance bike’s charm is the force of gravity. These rides come with a low centre of gravity. This keeps the bike steady, allowing your mini-me to glide and steer the bike with ease.

As young riders straddle the bike and push themselves forward with their feet, they instinctively learn to maintain equilibrium.

Saddle up and steer

One key feature of balance bikes is the absence of pedals. With no foot-pedal connection, children are free to focus on the essentials – balance and steering. As they scoot along, they discover the fine art of turning and manoeuvring with graceful precision.

They come with hand brakes

While balance bikes seek to keep things exciting, safety is also a priority. These gentle brakes teach kids the essential skill of slowing down and stopping, so they won’t find it difficult to adjust to pedal bikes.

A feather-light ride

Balance bikes are designed to be lightweight, allowing kids a chance to easily play around with them. Their simplicity and minimalist design make them perfect for kids as young as 18 months old, sparking their love for cycling from such a tender age.

Balance bikes aren’t just an introduction to cycling, they are the gateway to a world of outdoor exploration and boundless fun.

Picking the perfect balance bike for your kid

Balance bikes lay the foundation for a lifelong love of cycling, thus proper thought should be given to picking the best fit. As much as it could be a bumpy ride, with these tips it transitions to an exciting and rewarding journey. They are;

  • Size Matters! Go for light bikes that match your child’s height and fit perfectly. An adjustable seat height would be a great bonus.
  • Always go for balance bikes with rubber tires. This makes your child feel safe and secure.
  • Soft and non-slipper handle grips are best for toddlers.    
  • Comfort is a priority. Avoid bikes with saddles too bouncy or too hard.
  • If this is your child’s first bike, consider purchasing an indoor balance bike so they may practise under your watchful eyes.
  • Lastly, shop for quality bikes only from reputable brands like Bobbins!

With these, you are sure to make your kids’ rides more enjoyable and enriching! 


Balance bikes set the stage for countless outdoor adventures and memorable moments. It converts the daunting and scary adventure of learning to ride into a fun and thrilling one!

So, the next time you see a child effortlessly gliding on their balance bike, take a moment to appreciate the magic at play.

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