The Football School Encyclopedia – Everything You Want To Know About Football!

The Football School  Encyclopedia – Everything You Want To Know About Football!

A few weeks ago Posie and segued in a book launch on a day out in London and got to meet the brilliant team behind the Football School books, authors Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton and illustrator Spike Gerrell. The Football School Encyclopedia – Everything You Want To Know About Football is their latest in a long line of tremendously popular Football School Books and is out just in time to fill those stockings this Christmas! It’s ALL about the gifting and if your little one loves football then this is the book for them – FYI, you can get up to 20% off gifting at House of Fraser. Shop now!

Quirky, full of fun facts and with a detailed eye to the game we all know and love this book proves the ticket for any football fan you may have in the house. I’m sure most football fans, like my little duo, are just as keen on all the details about the players, the stats, the history, oh absolutely everything and anything if you’re like my boys, as long as it’s football related, as they are playing the game itself and this book lends itself well to all of that. And more!

I liken Jimmy’s need to find out exactly what type of Champagne Ronaldo prefers when celebrating, to my own fascination with reading glossy magazines about shiny celebrities when I was a tween and teen. It’s his version of Smash Hits, More and Now! And that’s great only where can he get all the information he so desires to know? While keeping it about his number one passion football? Well, these books of course!
The illustrations coupled with the trivia, facts and stats from the players lives and game to playing tactics, trophies and cups… This book has it all!

Fuelling the boys latest obsession to visit as many clubs as they can this is definitely a grenade to light the fire more but you know what?! It’s a pretty great thing to be interested in so why not?! The book is one to be poured over and enjoyed well past Christmas day and as it is now the reading book of choice at bed time for Raffie (as keen as his brother on all the details surrounding the beautiful game) then I know quite a bit about it all myself now actually. What do they say, can’t beat ’em, join ’em?! I don’t have much choice!

Posie and I had a great time at the launch meeting the team who were very interesting and fun, no wonder their books are so popular. Thanks for signing the boy’s copy Alex, Ben and Spike, they’re particularly thrilled with their very own illustration in the front of their book


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