Barbie Sings!

Yesterday we trekked across London and out the other side over multiple stair cases with lots of baggage and a buggy and we missed lots of trains along the way just as we got to the platform. It was one of THOSE journeys! I even, at one point, went up a set of stairs only to find I needed to be right back at the bottom of them… Sigh!

I’d started to wonder if where we were going was going to be worth it as I felt like screaming by the end of it but onward we plodded and eventually managed to make it to Southgate. It still surprises me all the time that London can be so backward as to have so little provision for wheelchairs and buggies on the rail and tube network. It’s like an ironic slap in the face that on almost ALL platforms there’s a raised area to meet the train for disabled access yet how in bobbins is a wheelchair meant to actually get ON the platform to make use of it in the first place?!

Anyway, we’d made it, so onward bound we found the Ashmole Academy where Florence was to take part in a singing class. Not just any old singing class but one run by the Razzamataz Theatre School and one involving the pink goddess of 4 year olds, Barbie! Razzamataz is to hold a special FREE Barbie singing workshop on 30th August at participating Razzamataz schools across the UK  to celebrate the DVD release of barbie and The Secret Door on 1st September. We got a very special preview of what the little ones will enjoy! The classes are being held for children aged 3-8 years old and are on a first come first serve basis, you can apply for a place here!

The workshops will encourage children to discover the magic of singing as they learn how to develop their voice while they sing songs from the new movie Barbie and The Secret Door and at the end of each one the children get to perform what they have learned in a special showcase for the parents! Wow! What a thing to do for FREE! And I can say that even after our mega journey we came away saying we’d have done the journey twice over (which of course we actually did do as we had to go home again) because Florence enjoyed it so much along with Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours little girl!


We were very lucky as it was super extra special and Barbie was even there herself, she even leant me some hair spray bless her heart and Jimmy might have fallen a little bit in love!

Florence went off into a very professional looking room with Barbie and Yvie Burnett who is the singing coach on ‘The Voice’ and has worked on ‘X-Factor’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ no less! Us parents (and little brothers who I thought would be more interested in all the musical equipment and cause havoc) stayed upstairs and carried on playing with the toys to accompany the DVD. We’d been having a play before the girls went down to the class and Jimmy was MORE than happy to carry on racing around the room pretending to ride a pink pony!

Barbie 1

Yvie Burnett and Barbie!

And then we were invited to come and watch the girls sing. It was lovely and although Florence looked very shy she told me she had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to watch the film so that she could hear more of the songs! Because we were there to write about the experience we were treated to a screening of the film which everyone enjoyed, boys included and it gave me and Carolynne to do what we do best and have a chat and catch up. It had been a whole 24 hours since I’d seen her you see and we had so much to talk about! Seriously though, with ALL eyes on the film (even Jimmy’s) we got to have a moment of relax while they enjoyed it!

Barbie and her friends, Princesses and Princes, a baddy who doesn’t win and lots and lots of songs and dancing! OF COURSE they all loved it!

Florence came away a bit more of a fan of Barbie than she already was and talking about the new light up doll from the film which of course is going on her ever extensive Christmas list. We loved the film and we thought the class was simply perfect! It’s on next Saturday all over the UK don’t forget and it’s FREE! Make sure you apply for a place before they all run out.

Look what fun we had!

We were invited to a special preview of the singing classes with the added addition of watching the new film for the purpose of an honest review.