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Yesterday we went off to London Zoo to meet a very special creature indeed! It was annual weigh in day for the residents and we wondered if they would also weigh Xeno the Interactive Baby Moster who was having his official launch party amongst the rest of the animals!

We’ve met Xeno before a few times; over the July press shows in advance of Christmas we probably saw him at most we visited which tells me he is going to be rather a hot toy this festive season. Florence and Jimmy have wanted to get their hands on one for some time and are, as children tend to be, extremely drawn to him because he has a bogey coming out of his nose! Not just that of course although it does seem to be a rather favourite feature!

He is an interactive toy who has 10 different emotions, over 50 eye expressions and 80 tailor made sounds which mean you can really understand him. He’s ticklish, dances to music and (to still more delight from my children) he suffers from wind… He is rather amazing really and on top of this there is an app you can download for free and play additional games with Xeno using it.



Made by Flair Xeno costs £79.99 and comes in three different colours, Ultra Violet, Pacific Blue or Burnt Orange. I am genuinely impressed with what I’ve seen already and I think both the children are too. If they had one each apparently they would interact with each other which is awesome! I’m pretty sure that all of the bloggers I was with yesterday felt the same and all their children looked just as keen as mine! It was lovely (as always) to bump into Clare and Lili!

Florence and Jimmy always seem to be impressed with these sorts of toys but what surprised me was that I felt so drawn to him. I found him incredibly easy to play with without really paying attention to the instructions and would love to play with him some more as I know he has loads more to offer than the little we got to see from the video we watched. Very interesting!


Florence and her friend Poppie taking in everything they need to know about Xeno!

We had a fab time at the launch party and really enjoyed meeting Xeno properly! Take a look at our video of the morning!


After we had said hello to the star creature of the day we went off round the zoo to see all the others! We’ve been a couple of other times this summer so knew exactly where we wanted to head! Our favourites are the gorillas, giraffes, zebras, pygmy hippos, penguins, monkeys, butterflies and of course our favourite meerkats! We had the pleasure of being in the company of my lovely friend Carolynne who blogs over at MummyEndeavours and her gorgeous 4 plus her Dad. The children had a fantastic day seeing the animals, playing in the park and bouncing on the bouncy castle. London Zoo is such a fantastic day out!


We all had a wonderful day at the zoo!

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  1. It was such a wonderful day and such a giggle too.
    I’ll never look at snot in the same way again.

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