Beach Ready With George From Asda!

We have had our abroad holiday for the year already, Majorca was perfect a couple of week’s ago but with a burgeoning baby bump I feel my aeroplane trips are probably over for the summer. This doesn’t mean we won’t be taking full advantage of some stay-cay destinations right here in good old Blighty!

We have trips planned to Dorset for Camp Bestival (with maybe a beach day at Lulworth Cove on the way home), a week in Cornwall (oh how I can’t wait for this time with my Dad and his family – my children are particularly excited to spend the week with their 16 year old – therefore the coolest – auntie) and of course, lots of days out on the North Norfolk coast close to where we live. We may even squeeze in more than one or two camping trips close to home. What heavily pregnant woman doesn’t want to sleep on an air bed in a field?!

Anyhoo… Sunny rays and beach days beckon and we are totally going to need the clobber to go with!

George at Asda is one of my fave stops for picking up some fabulous bargains (and maternity wear – did you know they did that? If only it was in store as well as online) and this season we have some glorious swimwear to get very sandy with us!

Love Florence’s cover up of watermelons and my black one is pretty great too – can you see us on a Cornish beach in these? I can!
Florence modelling her cover up…
With matching swimming costume – £6! What a bargain!
And Jimmy is ALWAYS a fan of a cover up towel which is pretty good because he now has this striped one from George complete with the hood he prefers!

I’ve definitely got some more pieces in my shopping basket (the maternity lounge pants look divine for a start) but we are totally beach ready now, thanks George!

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