Beautiful Things With Inscripture!

Beautiful Things With Inscripture!

I adore jewellery and have a beautiful collection of my most favourite pieces, which has recently expanded with the addition of a special Mother’s Day present the children gave to me from Inscripture. A darling heart pendant bracelet made by Inscripture, to add to memories and help make more. This company who make jewellery as well as other thoughtful keep sakes create their wares with special memories built into their core, their expertise merged with your most precious moments in time.

The personalised Gold Popcorn Bracelet (£58) is perfect for me, delicate and understated but with such meaning to the pendant which has the names of all my children engraved on the 18ct Gold Vermeil heart on both sides. Florence & Jimmy one side to be spun over with Raffie and Posie’s names to be worn on my wrists at all times. It has a gorgeous slider clasp to ensure it will fit any wrist and can be worn in a variety of ways, I prefer to wear mine loose and bohemian like.

As presents go, there’s nothing more special than jewellery your children have given you, be they necklaces made with macaroni or deliciously perfect pieces like this one. I made a reel on Instagram as soon as it was mine and I’ve barely taken it off!

It’s one of those pieces which you can be sure the recipient of a gift will enjoy forever because it’s so personal to them, Choose 4-5 words per side and make it truly unique for your favourite person just as my children have done for me!

Arriving very quickly after ordering it’s a gift you can rely on from the day of purchase and once in your hand it can be on your arm to stay with you always. I just love looking down at my arm when I’m wearing my most delightful new pretty with the names of the people who mean the most to me.

Inscripture make a variety of products as well as their incredibly unique jewellery and I have been so bowled over by the comments I’ve received when wearing mine. I feel super lucky, it’s truly magnificent!


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