Wychwood Art!

Wychwood Art!

Choosing the right art for my home has been a bit of an ongoing saga and one which my husband and I don’t always agree on. He’s very much a buy whatever and bung it on the wall, whereas I like to be more thoughtful. He doesn’t want the walls bare and takes the attitude that something is better than nothing while I am very much of the opinion that the art we have has to be special, meaningful and chosen slowly. A build up of the right pieces in the right places. Guess who wins?!

Of course it’s me but don’t worry too much about him as it’s all coming together and we’ve been on this art journey for a while so the walls aren’t as bare as they were. Recently we’ve placed two new pieces both from Wychwood Art, who offer affordable special pieces of art on line.

Buy art online? I hear you cry! Don’t you want to SEE and FEEL it first? Of course that might be ideal but when you know you can trust the quality because you know they’re the experts, it’s far easier to browse on line and fall in love once that way, then all over again when you’re specially selected piece arrives, having travelled well after being wrapped by hand so that no damage can occur.

I chose a small print by Clare Halifax because it meant something to my whole family. I’m not a massive football fan but with 50% of the household footie mad, our team has to be united in who we support and Norwich through and through it can only be The Canaries for us. The “C is for Canaries” print by Clare Halifax is not intended to be football related at all, which is why I like it even more I think, indeed she has a whole alphabet in the range and some of her other prints are also IMMENSE, especially the bigger ones. But this just had to be for us, in our home, on our Norwich wall!

It’s a 3 colour limited edition silkscreen print and is sold unframed for £40!
I’d wondered if we might add it to the stairwell up to our loft room where we have many photographs and favourite pieces of art but….
We are building a Norwich wall in our living room and I feel it has to live here! Yet to be hung but it will be soon and not in this frame either, I made a mistake!

I also chose another limited edition print by Kerry Day which is her Pebbles screen print on Somerset paper which is very tactile even visually. I love succulent plants and Kerry Day’s series is stunning!

This vibrant print costs £20 at Whychwood Art!
I think it looks lovely here in my dressing area!

So I’ve been very impressed with my Wychwood Art, the website delivers on aesthetics and then delivery is convenient and careful – as it needs to be with delicate limited edition prints. And we are now one step closer to having the art our home needed.


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