Wychwood Art!

Wychwood Art! Choosing the right art for my home has been a bit of an ongoing saga and one which my husband and I don’t always agree on. He’s very much a buy whatever and bung it on the wall, whereas I like to be more thoughtful. He doesn’t want the walls bare and takes the attitude that something is better than nothing while I am very much of the opinion that the art we have has to be special, […]

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Bbright When It Comes To Your Boiler!

Bbright When It Comes To Your Boiler! I remember feeling a great sense of achievement when we bought our first home. After renting for years, with high London rents being paid directly into a land lord’s pocket, it felt like we’d almost won the lottery because mortgages, though not cheap, are often far lower than monthly rentals. Finally we’d saved enough to get on that ladder and start paying monthly payments which would be only benefitting to us (of course, […]

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