The Best Newborn Baby Gifts in 2022

The Best Newborn Baby Gifts in 2022

Is your loved one expecting a baby this year? If you’re not a parent yourself, or don’t have any babies in the family or friends with children, it can be overwhelming when it comes to figuring out what to gift. There are endless lists online on what new mums and babies need, but it can get confusing fast. Our roundup offers a concise list of 10 great newborn baby gifts to buy (or ask for) in 2022 at a range of different price points, so there’s something for everyone.

10 Best Newborn Gifts in 2022

Here’s our roundup of our favourite baby gifts in 2022 to buy online. If you’re currently pregnant and reading this- why not make a gift registry so your friends know exactly what newborn gifts you want? Here’s some ideas on what to add to your wishlist!

1.    Baby Nest

So comfy, so cute, we start with a baby nest. Whilst not strictly essential, a baby nest is a comfortable place where newborn babies can relax and give new parents some hands free time. Think of it as a baby chill out zone if you need a few moments everyday to go hands-free, but don’t want to put them down to sleep yet. Try the Infant Lounger from Snuggle Me Organic – it’s made from GOTS certified organic materials so you can rest assured you’re getting the safest, most comfortable nest.

Features of Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger:

  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Portable
  • For newborns – 9 months old
  • Hypoallergenic

2.    Knitted Baby Jumpers

A really beautiful knitted jumper makes for a gorgeous gift for Autumn or Winter babies. Sure they’re constantly growing, but new parents will appreciate having something special to dress their baby in for a little while. We love the Nature Baby Kimono Jacket. It’s made from soft, warm organic merino wool, the wrap around functionality with a sweet button detail is too adorable.

Features of Kimono Jacket:

  • Organic merino wool
  • Wrap-around functionality
  • Hand wash only

3.    Shnuggle Bath

It’s not essential, but it sure is helpful! If you’ve never bathed a newborn before, you’re in for some fun. Make things as easy as possible with a baby sized bathtub. It takes a bit of the uncertainty and discomfort out of leaning over an adult sized tub. The uniquely designed bum bump helps parents to support their baby and prevent them from sliding. This is both a practical and fun new baby gift to give!

Features of Shnuggle Bath:

  • Portable
  • Rubber feet for grip
  • Handy plug to empty water
  • 2L capacity
  • Fits inside most kitchen sinks

4.    Baby Bjorn Rocker

A little more expensive than the other baby gifts suggested, this is sure to be a hit with parents and babies alike. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Bliss is an iconic product in the baby space. Stylish and practical at the same time, it’s a comfy, cosy place where bub can relax and parents can enjoy some hands-free time. Better yet, babies actually develop their motor skills in this bouncer by rocking their feet and legs.

Features of Baby Bjorn Rocker:

  • Quilted cotton fabric seat
  • Suitable for newborns- two years old
  • 3 different positions
  • Machine washable seat
  • Super lightweight
The Bouncer Bliss by Baby Bjorn!

5.    Ergo Baby Carrier

An absolute essential, new parents will adore an ergonomic baby carrier! It’s definitely an expensive item, but one that will be used and adored time and time again. Why not get together with a few friends to buy this one together- trust us, your gift will be a favourite. Try the ErgoBaby Aerloom Carrier for pure comfort for the wearer and baby. It’s incredibly lightweight and not bulky, seamlessly working with your body (and your style!) to support you and your baby when out and about.

Features of ErgoBaby Aerloom Carrier:

  • Lightweight (0.66kgs)
  • Three different seating positions for baby
  • Great option for shorter people
  • Suitable for newborns until 15.9kgs

6.    Purebaby Growsuit

Looking for a foolproof baby shower gift? Try a colourful Rib Zip Growsuit from Purebaby. It’s an absolute essential in any baby’s wardrobe as they’ll wear it on repeat. Designed with everyday wear with comfort in mind, the suits are made from an organic cotton elastane blend for a soft and gentle touch against your baby’s skin.

Features of Rib Zip Growsuit:

  • Made from 98% organic cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Two-way zip

7.    Baby Comforter Toy

Speaking of foolproof baby gifts, this is another one! It screams thoughtful, but not overdone. Choose from one of the adorable cuddle cloths from Liewood. It’s soft, cute and perfect to cuddle and play with at the same time. Made with 100% organic cotton, it has a little rabbit face to stimulate babies and the textured body helps to provide varied tactile experiences.

Features of Rabbit Cuddle Cloth:

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Rabbit face
  • Textured body
  • Hand wash only
  • Helps baby to self-soothe

8.    Sophie the Giraffe

Too cute, this is one that will grow with baby as new teeth come in. She’s a natural teether and cute giraffe toy all-in-one. Made of 100% natural rubber with soft and nobbly parts to help sooth your baby’s sore gums. Her dark spots provide visual stimulation and she squeaks when pressed. The rubber toy fits in tiny hands and helps to keep babies calm and distracted.

Features of Sophie the Giraffe:

  • Easy to grip
  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • Natural food paint

9.    Where is the Green Sheep? By Mem Fox

Always welcome, you can never go wrong with gifting a book at a baby shower. Especially when that book is by renowned children’s author, Mem Fox. In Where is the Green Sheep, go on a wildly wonderful adventure in a rollicking search for the green sheep.

Features of Mem Fox Book:

  • Illustrated picture book
  • Hardcover

10.                  Educational Baby Toys

Finally, why not gift a smart toy? There are so many innovative educational baby toys out there that babies and parents are sure to enjoy. We love the First Year Card Deck from Happy Little People as a starting point. Part educational, part bonding time it’s a collection of 52 meaningful, development-promoting and bonding activities to enhance your baby’s awake time.

Features of the First Year Deck:

  • 52 activities for baby’s first year
  • Benefits include bonding and trust, motor skills, body awareness, auditory and language skills, sensory play and awareness as well as exploration.

Inspired to start shopping for your loved one’s new baby? Don’t let an upcoming baby shower overwhelm you- you got this!

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