Jimmy Does Double Digits – Happy 10th Birthday Jimmy!

Jimmy Does Double Digits – Happy 10th Birthday Jimmy!

On the eve of his birthday Jimmy decided to cut his hair! Oh gulp, my eyes may have leaked but I’ve always championed him and whatever he wants when it comes to hair so I couldn’t go changing just because he suddenly did when it came to how he wants to wear it! I think he’s super handsome and what a brave boy! But oh my… He looks SO much older!

I say it on every Birthday with every child but how? Seriously HOW? A decade of Jimmy has gone by in a flash and it could be just yesterday our brilliant boy made his superhero style entrance in the living room, fist up, facing the wrong way and stealing all our hearts immediately with that glorious face of his!

My to the minute he was born picture. 09.17 on 02/05/2012 means a decade of Jimmy Buster Bumblebee Hood Knowles in our family!
My love!

He is as frustrating as he is amazing and ye always, always, he just flashes that beautiful smile of his and all is forgiven for absolutely everything. He has grown so much in the past year, got wiser, got wilder and his new love of football has taken over his life! He knows all the facts about all the things, he is creative and the best artist I know with his wonderful drawings. He loves hard and always a little hand slips into mine without him thinking. Still my baby boy, still just little but at the same time so much more grown up!

Happy birthday my wonder boy, a brilliant big brother, a lovely little brother (most of the time) and a spectacular son! He’s kind, good and sweet and so handsome whatever the length of his hair – He’s ten and he’s rocking it! We love you so much just as you are and always so don’t go changing Jimmy Buster Bumblebee!

What a birthday weekend which happened to be three days long instead of two – planned that one right didn’t we?!

We had a Friday night kitchen disco and fun!
Followed by a day out Saturday to the Priory Gardens and maze in Sheringham!
This was really to celebrate Gram’s birthday which is exactly a week before Jimmy’s but she wasn’t feeling great the weekend before so we just amalgamated birthday fun!
Always looking after Posie!
The birthday duo!
Jimmy made Gram a daisy chain head band!
The sun shone!
Pond dipping!
Gang goals!
Still nine!
Of course a spot was found for football!
Before we went into Sheringham for ice creams before home!
Of course!
And then Sunday he had his hair done! What a handsome boy!
Off to bed all ready for the birthday boy!
We started the day with our traditional treasure hunt!
Lots of favourite gifts!
Birthday breakfast!
And a few presents! Florence bought Jimmy presents with her own money so she needed him to open that one straight away! What a lucky brother!
Off for a family bowl!
Brilliant early bird fun!
A real giggle!
Fun for all ages!
Before onto the arcade for some penny wasting!
And watching!
Family air hockey!
2 against 2!
A bit of shoot ’em up!
Home for a birthday lunch!
Toot toot!
More presents!
And the big one!
No idea what it is!
But when he saw!
He nearly cried!
With happiness of course!
It was a bit overwhelming!
Then it was time for cake!
Which despite being lopsided was actually rather tasty!
At least Posie thinks so!
Then an afternoon of game on!
Fifa 22!
Then it was out to Zaks for the last of the celebrations (well, until his party next week)!
Gram very kindly treated us all!
And for once Jimmy ate and ate and ate! What an amazing birthday for Jimmy! And all of us getting to celebrate with him!
A great birthday!

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