Best spooky places in San Juan to visit with friends

Best spooky places in San Juan to visit with friends

San Juan is one of those renowned islands with thousands of years of ancient history; men succumbed to death, countless battles fought, lost in war, and many more. Therefore, it’s the biggest reason San Juan, being the capital of Puerto Rico, is known for the lingering souls who haven’t left the place yet. 

Sounds spooky, right? Indeed! So, if you’re inclined toward ghosts and want to dig deeper, no other place can beat San Juan’s popularity of being one of the world’s spooky places.

Moreover, San Juan has observed its share of ghosts and has always been the first choice for the paranormal activists. Willing to hit the spooky places with friends? Here are the top 4 spooky places in San Juan to visit if you’re interested in exploring the spiritual aspect. Let’s get started!

  1. Castillo San Cristobal

It was built in 1783 and had a rich history. This 235 year of ancient fort stands on the northeast side of the Old San Juan and is primarily made to safeguard the city from land attacks. With a long history comes a famous tale of prohibited love and maybe a few spirits wandering there. Young and beautiful Maria falls in love with a drifter named Betancourt. 

This guy was found guilty of theft and executed by Maria’s father, unbeknownst to Maria. One day after seeing him hanging on the gallows, she hanged herself next to him out of guilty. From that day, the couple is seen wandering around Castillo San Cristobal. You can take a cruise from Puerto Rico to reach this haunted place. 

  1. Hotel El Convento

This hotel is one of the most lavish and stunning places to stay in Puerto Rico for visitors. Being grand, historical, and extravagant, Hotel El Convento captures the spirit of Old San Juan. That said, the hotel has its share of Old San Juan’s spirits for you to potentially be visited by as you dine on spicy food and drink margarita! 

If you’re in San Juan searching for ghosts, the famous phantom is Doña Ana de Lansos y Menéndez de Valdez, who is the founder of this hotel. Many people have reported that she and her nuns were seen walking the halls, and they never left the place. 

  1. Teatro Tapia

It’s undoubtedly the most haunted place in San Juan that keeps haunting visitors year around. This theatre was the 1800s older and was a leading hotspot for the phantoms, mysterious voices, footsteps, and orbs. 

According to the employees and guests, they have heard and seen the spirit of a female performer who unexpectedly died in the middle of her performance. Also, it has been said that she enjoys extended strolls across the halls and can be heard singing.


These are the top 3 haunted places in San Juan to visit with your mates. So, have you been to any of these three places? If not, make a plan for the weekends and reveal the truth behind all the claims! Remember those places are not for the faint-hearted people, make sure you have a genuine fascination with ghosts.