Mindfulness Gift With WellBox!

Mindfulness Gift With Wellbox!

I always think it’s incredibly generous when people send gift boxes, not only that but it always feels like a mega treat and a really big deal. I was sent a number after I’d had Posie and they were so thoughtful and well put together with things which really meant a lot to me. One of them had been sent by a friend who’d have never been able to think of such gifts himself and so it was especially appreciated that he’d turned to an expert not wanting to get it wrong. And because gift boxes are created lovingly by those in the know, they very rarely do. For the buyer it takes away the stress of shopping, putting together and sending and for the recipient it offers bespoke treats which have been hand picked by someone with the eye. Winning all round I’d say!

I was gifted a Wellbox this week to write about on my blog (tough job but someone’s gotta do it huh?!) and I’ve been bowled over by it. Talk about treats! I chose their “mindfulness box” (£34.95) which is part of their mental health and wellbeing range. There’s a number to choose from in the category with lots of different personalities in mind for the giftee and this one sounded most like a bit of me. If I’m honest, it was the candle that did it and it’s easy to see why businesses are choosing similar for their staff. What a way to show appreciation with such lovely treats.

As well as the candle I received a plethora of beauties which I can’t wait to get stuck into, things for the bath, yummies to eat (have you tried Candy Kittens, vegan and thoroughly mindful to the environment, sweets? They are absolutely out of this world and basically are the things that kept Florence going during her vegan lent! I might have to share my bag of wild strawberry kittens as they are her favourite and she’s far too old to fall for my old “mummy’s just looking in the cupboard” trick while I stuck my head in where no one could see me to shovel in the goods!

The rest however and I’m keeping just for me. Take a look at this fabulous box!

I should say so!
What treats!

With Wellbox it’s not just the gifts inside which hit the mark but the packaging too which is recyclable cardboard (of course) and contains a card to simply cheer lead and say “you’ve got this!” – something we all need to hear from time to time.

This range is sent with a gift to Mind Charity as part of the gift which the purchaser chooses to send on your behalf and I love that. MIND are a national charity set up to provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and they do fabulous work assisted by donations like the one included with my box to help provide critical resources in giving more people their support and services. See more about what they do here.

The gifts inside are ethically sourced from a wide range of suppliers who prefer small local suppliers where possible and avoiding products which are high in sugar and containing fats. They also avoid genetically modified ingredients making this a mindfulness box on all counts!

Here’s what I got inside my lovely box from Wellbox!

A Promise Candle in Dreamer scent – it’s delicious!
A full sized bag of those Candy Kittens!
Betty Hula hand cream!
The Gratitude Habit full of tips and tricks to shift your mindset!
Belgian Chocolate!
And bath crystals!

Now, someone I spoke to about gift boxes recently said to me that they could find products for cheaper than most boxes they’d heard of but when I’ve priced up the contents of this box it’s pretty evens and then of course the postage would be far more than the delivery costs of buying from Wellbox. Also, when buying for business, to gift employees, this has absolutely got to be the most personal way of doing it being cost and time effective while still really thinking about your employees! For me it’s a no brainer and I would gladly choose to send someone this, or similar (like I said, there’s lots of boxes in this range and their others) when choosing for the people I love. There’s specially selected boxes for men as well as specific purposes like this mindfulness or perhaps unwinding is what you need? And on top of that, there’s lots of other ranges to choose from too.

Well thought about, well packaged and beautiful items – I’m very grateful to have been given the nudge and a recipe to be more mindful!