Nozstock 2022 – No Better Family Festival!

Nozstock 2022 – No Better Family Festival!

Yes! After a 2 year COVID hiatus the best family festival we ever went to is back with aplomb and we cannot wait (only I can wait because that means the end of term and I’m not ready to have Raffie to not be a pre-schooler anymore)! It’s going to be worth the wait for the festival and a massive softener to my baby boy being grown up enough to be graduating from nursery as the festival Nozstock hits that very first weekend we break up! And we’ve been kindly asked to ambassador again this year just as we did in 2019 – feels both so long ago AND so close.

We haven’t been to any other family festivals since then because frankly, after we tried Noz we didn’t want to go to any others. It was just everything we loved about other family friendly festivals back when they first started but where the others seem to have lost their family feel as they grew, Nozstock has retained its roots. It doesn’t feel commercial, it doesn’t feel like the kids are secondary, it just feels like a beautiful experience for everyone in the family to enjoy and I just know that Florence will be in her element as a tween while the boys will run amok, go feral and enjoy every second and now we have Posie Pops too, just a mere twinkle in our eye back in the simmer of 2019!

Our big festival gang in 2020 – we thought we’d be back the next year, little did we know but… It will be worth the wait!

This year you can expect bigger and better than every before but having chatted to the owners, the creators and the brains behind the scenes, I know they won’t have lost their touch. They have had a massively hard two years without the main event on their calendar so this will be one hell of a year!

Sister Sledge, Bill Bailey and a Huey Morgan DJ set are some of the things I’m looking forward to. The list of acts is seemingly endless though with comedy, music and ents for the kiddos in abundance. For a full look at the line-up check out the website but also note, they just keep adding more! Just this morning another load of acts have been announced and I think we can safely say that we will be missing most of it as unless a device is created to allow you to be in 300 places at once we are going to have to!

The Nozstock main stage in 2019!

Ok, so… Thinking about a family festival? Then this is why Nozstock is your best bet!

They know families and in the camping areas they have little touches I’ve just not seen anywhere else like changing stations filled with emergency nappies and wipes. The atmosphere is informal, relaxed, holiday like and the children are just as much a part of everything as the adults. The food when we went was absolutely terrific! We were treated to sampling lots of the catering and we had so much great food that for me, as a family going to a festival, really made such a difference! The acts are great but the vibe is just perfect for little ones and that’s what makes this place special, it’s almost just like being in your mate’s back garden having a pop up festival of your own – only with thousands of other like minded people who are all just there for family smiles. It’s perfect!

I’ll write a top tips for festivals with kids post soon but for now all you need to do is book your place. Nozstock are selling out fast so get in quick and to make your life a lot easier note things like the pre-pitched area which means you don’t even have to pack the tent. Again, for me this is just a game changer and actually makes me want to go even more. The slight downside to camping is the effort needed to get set up. No tent pitching means less packing and faffing and I’m here for it, how about you?!

Nozstock is also one of the most affordable family festivals with all weekend tickets including camping costing well under £200. The pre-pitched packages are also so reasonable, especially when you compare them to other festivals and the fact you can include sleeping bags and chairs to that will make the whole experience a dream! Book your tickets now at and ensure your place for the festival of the summer!

I am working as a family ambassador for Nozstock.

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