Breast Is Back To Best For Us!

I believe that breast milk is invaluable. It’s like magic really. I’ve seen it clear up rashes in hours that creams haven’t in days and I think if it can do that on the outside then think what it’s doing inside their little tummies!

Some people think I’m mad for breast feeding my children so long but I still think it’s beneficial for all. Even for me!

A week or so ago Jimmy had the Hand, Foot and Mouth virus but the poor thing had it all localised in his mouth! He couldn’t eat or drink very easily as he had so many ulcers on his tongue and the cheeks of his mouth and he felt very poorly.The thing that got me so much was that I couldn’t even breast feed him. For the first time ever I couldn’t do what I always do to make a poorly baby feel better as sucking obviously hurt him too much.

It was really distressing not being able to help him and I couldn’t even explain to him why. He just screamed and screamed all night long and even my downstairs neighbour heard him when she has never heard any crying ever before, not even when they were newborns! I felt totally helpless and we were ALL sleep deprived making the situation that much worse!

Ordinarily I would whack a boob out and then even if suffering with a tummy bug they have latched on and it’s made them feel better. Jimmy had Rotovirus when he was six months old and it’s how I kept him hydrated.I never realised quite how much I relied on breast feeding to help soothe him (and let me sleep), I just didn’t think about it but when it was taken away life completely changed.

I also felt angry because after a couple of days poor Jimmy started saying he didn’t even want it! I didn’t want him forced into stopping because that just seems so harsh. At 19 months I don’t mind if he gives up but I don’t want him forced… I even wrote about it at the time feeling very miserable indeed!

He still wanted to sleep on my naked top and I expressed milk for him to have in a syringe. More than anything I wanted the healing qualities of it in his mouth to help heal the ulcers. Like I said, I’ve put breast milk on baby rashes before and it clears them up amazingly so I knew it would help the ulcers too!

Thankfully one morning he woke up and was fine. Just better all of a sudden and I think the breast milk helped. He asked for milk, milk, latched and fed as normal. I had worried so much but we’re back to normal now and we’re all breathing big sighs of relief – we’re all sleeping too! Jimmy wakes in the night but feeds and we dreamily drift back off together. Breastfeeding and co-sleeping means I never have to get up and I’m a lazy bum, I don’t want to get up!

Breast feeding is amazing. We weren’t ready to stop and I’m so glad Jimmy didn’t. That might make me mad but it’s the way I feel. A friend’s baby was forced into stopping with mouth ulcers and I assumed this would happen to us too. I’m so glad it didn’t . Florence self weaned – eventually – and there was no hassle, I want the same for Jimmy too! I’m just happy that we’re back to being able to soothe bumps on the head, tiredness and feeling off colour with a feed. Ahhh! Breast feeding rocks!

Poorly Jimmy 1So pleased my poorly boy is better! Even at 19 months breast milk still helped!


Christmas is going to be SO much fun! We have been gearing up every day with our elves who have come to stay and the excitement is almost in overload already! I think even Jimmy is loving it, he’s certainly loving the chocolate in the advent calendars!

Florence was always so delicate and I remember her calmly opening her chocolate advent calendars when she was tiny but Jimmy just bulldozes in there! There was no point in opening the right doors with him as he just couldn’t wait and now I just let him tear at it every morning!

We had a festive day out at the farm the other day which was amazing and the children loved it! They are having the best time together, I can’t wait for Christmas morning in one way and in another I want the build up to just keep happening so that it’s not over! Florence, upon seeing the naughty things the elves do every morning, keeps saying ‘It’s so magical’ and it is! I love this time of year!


Florence and Jimmy at the farm on our festive day out!


The elves reading a new story to the toys one morning this week – they are magical you know!

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