Christmas, New Year’s And Our Other Celebrations!

What do you do at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve? Labdrokes Bingo conducted a survey to find out what plans we all have and why! For lots of people I suppose it’s about religion but that’s not really why we celebrate, we’re more just about being a family together. We do the same most years and this year I hope will be similar to last! I have to say that for us, New year’s Eve isn’t really the same as it used to be… Why? Well for us, it’s not just New Year’s Eve! For us it’s also Florence’s birthday!

Yes, NYE 2009 and I gave birth at twenty to midnight amongst nurses asking me how I’d feel about press (because she might have been the first baby in the hospital for the new year if she’d hung on a bit) and with snow falling outside the window! It was truly magical and although it might not have been the home birth I so wanted I couldn’t have asked for anything more! As I held her and fed her for the first time I could see fireworks going off outside the same window I’d watched the snow falling outside as I’d contracted and pushed her into the world! I’ve never worked harder on a New Year’s Eve! I never work over the holidays although the Ladbrokes survery tells me that 42.1% of people have worked NYE at some point!

Anyway, I couldn’t have been at home! We were having a party and had a house full of guests! Yep, that’s right! As Florence entered the world and Jonny and I were in the hospital there were family and friends dancing the night away in our flat eating all my festive nibbles and downing champagne! It was such a story that even though she WASN’T the first baby of the year we still made a national magazine with the story!

It’ a funny birthday really but it could have been worse! Christmas day and boxing day wouldn’t have been great and in between would have been a bit boring! Jonny is on the second of January and says by then no one cares… I think New year’s Eve is the best of the bunch really! Florence always says she has to wait SUCH a long time for her birthday! I know no longer than anyone else really but when everything comes at once and you’re only nearly four it must feel like that! I tell her that her birthday is special because when she celebrates the whole world celebrates with her and only people born on New Year’s Eve can ALWAYS say that it either IS their birthday or they haven’t had their birthday yet this year!

So, New year’s Eve 2013 as we party into 2014 will also be birthday celebration central! We are bowling and out for a pizza in the day time and in the evening, only after the children are in bed, will we start to sing Auld Lang Syne! Oh and at twenty to midnight, the minute she was born, I shall creep into her room for an annual photo with my New Year’s Eve baby girl!

Ruth and Florence NYE

Me and Florence partying hard last New Year’s Eve at twenty to midnight! It’s so not about the party anymore! According to the Ladbrokes survey we are in good company because 64.3% people will also be staying in!

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