Buggy Days Again – The Stokke Xplory Athleisure Is My Top Choice!

I love buggies, I always have! And even as a little girl being in my own buggy I had very strong opinions on what a buggy should look like and which one I wanted. I actually disliked the buggy my Mum used very much and instead hankered after an umbrella fold with curly handles… She never bought one…

I LOVED being in my buggy and pram and I actually remember it very clearly; especially the day my blanket fell out of the buggy and my Mum telling me goblins had stolen it – WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?! Nightmares to say the least!

Later on and toy buggies became my thing. I pushed one way past the point of acceptability I’m sure and couldn’t wait to be grown up and have one again! I knew exactly which buggy I was going to get before I even knew I was pregnant! See… Told you I was buggy nuts!

And I have pushed quite a few buggies over the years. The ones I have bought because I love them so much and the ones I have been very lucky enough to be sent to review. There have been ones I’ve loved and ones I’ve hated but overall, just pushing a buggy is something I actually enjoy. Friends of mine have told me they can’t stand it, have been hankering for the day when they don’t need one anymore… That was never me and when Jimmy stopped being pushed in his it was a sad day for me, not least because for the first time in about 6 years’ I had to actually carry my bags! Buggies aren’t just for babies to sit in you know… Oh no! I’ve basically loaded mine up over the years like a travelling loft at times!

The last buggy I pushed was the Stokke Xplory which Jimmy and I adored. He liked it because he was so high up and could see everything, it was perfect for being in town and watching the world go by and I was a fan because it was just so flipping easy to use. It looks big but really it’s not much of a beast at all and it is is SO easy to us on public transport. Not that this time that will be much of an issue very often… You see country living with a new baby is not something we have done before but I know the Xplory adapts to that too and the wheels deal with mud and bumpy pavements rather nicely.

Jimmy loved being in his Stokke Xplory!

It’s because I have this prior knowledge that I know I want to use an Xplory again. I’ve never used one from birth and can’t wait to try it out with a carry cot and those gorgeous winter kits which have hand muffs covered in fur (don’t tell me you haven’t seen people pushing them and been jealous like me)?!

And… There’s a brand new Xplory on the block which I very firmly have my eye on! The Athleisure! It’s all about taking inspiration from active wear and being active which is perfect as living in Norfolk now I expect to be walking a LOT! I walked for miles with Florence when she was tiny, every single day! But she had a buggy very much geared up for city living and I’m not sure the wheels on that would have coped with country life. The Athleisure looks good enough to be in London and does that very well thank you very much but I know it will do beautifully in the countryside too helping me keep focused on being active and keeping fit hopefully! There are loads of exercises you can do with a buggy in tow and this one fits the aesthetics and the practicality!

It also comes in two colours but I like the black chassis with the black coloured fabrics… LOOK!

So… Watch this space as I hope to have lots more to tell you about the Athleisure but for now check out its features below…

Stokke® Xplory® Athleisure Features Include • Pioneering seat height adjustability • Improved newborn insert with foot support and adjustable headrest in athleisure textiles • Removable seat cover in athleisure textiles for easy cleaning • Extended canopy with laser cut holes and mesh for ultimate ventilation • Breathable technical fabric with wicking and quick dry properties – used on cover and newborn insert • Two-toned shopping bag with Coral or Marina colored accessory bag for safely storing the rain cover and mosquito net • Suitable from birth to 15 kg/45 lbs with the stroller seat • Strong and robust construction • Lockable swivel front wheels • Adjustable, ergonomic handle to accommodate height • Carry cot option with a mattress cover in in Coral or Marina athleisure textiles

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  1. Obviously I won’t be having babies again BUT if I did then I would DEFINITELY have another Xplory, they were my absolute favourite and I actually cried when I let them go. In fact, even Jelly Bean cried as it was placed in the boot of a friend’s car :'( xx

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