Pregnancy Diary – 20 Week’s Pregnant!

20 weeks pregnant and half way at last! Well, actually, as I write I am 21 week’s today and this means I am totally over the hump. It still does feel a long way off though and getting through summer and then going back to school AFTER the holidays has to happen first. Why does this make it sound extra long to me?

I suppose things have got a little bit easier and I had a good solid 5 weeks without any nausea AT ALL which was a massive bonus only to find a few night’s ago that it has come back in the evenings with a vengeance. NOT loving that!

I’ve found out that someone very close to me is also having a baby and this is making e super excited because not only is she going to be someone to experience this together with but I am, for once, further along than someone else and this is making me feel like doing a happy dance!

I swear this pregnancy is going on forever and forever and to say that I am bored of being pregnant already is an understatement. I know that sounds really mean but come on already… Hurry up! I’ve put on a couple of pounds now which is making me feel rubbish especially as I have less energy when I go to the gym and instead of my usual workout first I have been just swimming and can’t face the treadmill at all.

To top that off I have been eating like a horse for three days solid. I hope that this is because the baby is having a growth spurt and not a sign of how the rest of the second and third trimester are going to go on because I will seriously be the size of a house. I’ve been craving nothing good and eating double caramel Magnums and Walls Vienetta like they’re going out of fashion – well it’s been SO hot!

A couple of week’s ago I was downing baby tomatoes at a rate on knots which I don’t mind at all but ice cream… Oh good grief!

The baby is definitely getting bigger and stronger and I can feel him or her moving ALL the time which is reassuring. In the early days when nothing is happening it’s kind of hard to believe there’s anything in there at all but right now I am very aware most of the time. Sometimes the movements are so strong it makes me gasp out loud which Jonny thinks is me being overly dramatic as per usual – he wants to try having a human being pounding away at him from the inside!

I’m tired and grumpy and both loving and hating the sunshine that has finally arrived… Goodness knows what sort of mood I will be come August when the heat is on full power and I am ENORMOUS!

We had the 20 week scan yesterday and it was lovely to see a perfect little baby waving away at us. Rocknrollerbaby the third will be very much loved by his brother and sister when he or she arrives and we are all very excited to meet him or her come the end of September/beginning of October…

Pregnancy best bits from the kids this week:


When you had the scan today did you find out the baby’s name? No budster, we didn’t find out its name, we CHOOSE the name, I’m not sure if you totally understand about this do you?

I’m not sure YOU totally understand about this Mummy!

Mummy, do you have to save up all your poos until after the baby comes because otherwise you will push the baby out? Urm no, I can still do a poo without worrying about that.

Will the baby not come out with the pushing then? No… Don’t worry, the baby won’t come out when I do a poo. Well not yet anyway.

Will you poo when the baby comes out as well then? Yes. Maybe. Probably…

Did you do a poo when I came out? Urm… Yes, shall we move on?



Did you poo when I came out too? NO! No, I didn’t actually!

Oh good!

When the baby is born can I look after it and change the nappies? Yes!

Can it sleep in my room? Probably not sweet pea, it will wake you up needing to be fed.

I don’t mind, just put it in my room and make sure I’ve got a bottle. It’ll be fine with me.

Ok… I might be slightly warming to this idea…

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary – 20 Week’s Pregnant!

  1. Oh I can’t wait until you are posting photos of your three little bambinos together. I love the things that kids say, it’s all so innocent and why are they always so obsessed with poo??? 😀 xx

  2. So exciting!! I still can’t believe you managed to avoid finding out the flavour of bubba no.3! I need to know, could you ask them to write it down and send it to me??


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