Buy A Gift – Hampers For Christmas!

Buy A Gift – Hampers For Christmas!

Last week ahead of the Christmas shenanigans (which start early in press – not just print but even on line these days) I was sent a wonderful hamper press sample from Buy A Gift. I love it SO much and think it’s SUCH good value that I shall be buying the exact same one for 3 separate people I know this Christmas. Basically it’s a gorgeous basket (which when I looked into creating my own hampers last year – what a faff – would have set me back at least a tenner on its own) filled with absolutely delicious Christmassy treats. I mean there are all sorts of hampers, not just festive ones but this one is stunning so I’m going with it!

This is the Seasons Greetings Box (£42.50 with delivery) and believe me, it’s packed to the rafters of this basket!

I’ve always thought buying pre packed gifts like this is an expensive way of girting people and that you’d be far better off doing it yourself but like I mentioned, last year I looked into hampers and got as far as the baskets before realising that they themselves would cost a big chunk of my budget and I’d barely be able to put anything in them. I don’t know how Buy A Gift have managed to make this one cost effective for themselves but it’s a really good one and I’d say MORE than worth its £42.50 price tag which DOESN’T include delivery… But… I don’t live anywhere near some of the people I will be gifting this year and postage also takes up a big portion of budget when sending gifts so with the postage on this one being just £6.50 (less than you’d pay for the weight in the post office) it’s ideal. A gorgeous hamper for under £50 and you can’t say fairer than that surely?!

What’s inside?!

These are ALL the goodies (flowers not included, they were just on the table)!
Booze and pud!

So… I just had to do it. I Googled and Googled the same products to find their best prices and the lowest amount I could get any of them for all together came to £39.19. So when you factor in you’d then have to pay the postage anyway AND buy a basket as lovely looking as this one and this is a no brainer right?!

I definitely am now a fan and actually there’s lots of things you can buy from Buy A Gift besides hampers so it’s well worth looking – especially this year when shopping might be tricky! Experiences, individual gifts, hampers… Advice for different people, foodie gifts, boozy gifts, relaxing, thrilling and everything in between gifts… It’s a pretty good service and I for one can now vouch personally for their hampers. Really am very impressed with mine and I hope my friends and family will be too when they receive theirs (on time – not like me when in charge of post) and just ahead of Christmas as a festive gift from me to them.

Is it lazy? Ohhhhh, maybe a little but actually we’ve enough on in 2020 without traipsing around shops and it really doesn’t have to be any less thoughtful as there’s a wealth to choose from in every category. I’m a big fan of experience days as presents (especially for the children – no tat to find a home for) and food and booze, well can you actually go wrong? Doubt it!

I was gifted my “Seasons Greetings” hamper from Buy A Gift.