Canal Toys’ Photo Creator Kids Instant Camera!

Canal Toys’ Photo Creator Kids Instant Camera!

Children’s cameras have come on a long way in the last few years and the difference between the ones my older kids played with at the same ages Raffie and Posie are now, is vast, and yet there’s only 5 and a half years between my boys. I’m guessing that was a five and a half years of a LOT of tech development!

Raffie and Posie have had some really great, easy to use and inexpensive digital cameras for a while. Ones which play games and take colour pictures to save to an SD card. However, Posie has just been sent a camera which can do all that AND produce instant pictures like an old Polaroid, printing out immediately, with no need for development, onto a long roll of paper which is stored inside the camea!

Now how much fun is that?! She’s been absolutely loving it and has wanted to take it with us everywhere we go. I was a little worried about running out of paper but it comes with 4 rolls and you can buy ten new ones in a refill pack (700 prints) for £9.99. That’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the old Polaroid style film! The camera comes in pink or blue and also arrives with a strap to hold it tightly, pens to customise the pictures and stickers to decorate the camera itself with. The pictures also can be taken using one of the fun filters and there’s a selfie times so you can set it up and get all your pals in. In fact, my eldest daughter Florence who is 14 wants to use it with her friends too!

The downside is that although it charges up with a USB cable (provided), the battery doesn’t last terribly long. Long enough for a day out but only just! Aside from that we’ve no criticism.

A GREAT camera which is proving to be lots of fun for the whole family, big and little kids alike will have endless fun with this one. I absolutely love it and actually, every single on of our pals that we’ve seen since we’ve been taking it along with us every day, also loves it too! I get asked all the time where it’s from and where it can be bought. So, now you know, Canal Toys make it and it’s a great price at RRP £59.99 while being available from AmazonArgosVery & Smyths!


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