Car Breakdown Problems You Might Face When In Singapore

Car Breakdown Problems You Might Face When In Singapore

Problems Your Car Might Face

Car breakdowns are bound to happen one day, as such, it is good to know about the various car breakdown problems that could occur so that you would know how to best react if put in such a situation. Head on over to the car inspection center to diagnose any problems your car might have.

We have a list here for you and what you can do in case such a scenario happens to you. 

Having a faulty alternator

What is the alternation? Well, it is like the charger and the hub that stores the electricity that helps your car to run. If the alternator fails, then your only source of electricity is coming straight from the battery. Your battery life will easily go flat and you will likely find yourself stranded at the side of the road. In order to prevent this, it is good to replace your alternator regularly. This is because as time passes, like everything else, it too will wear out. Not all alternators fail immediately, which means that there can be certain symptoms that you can see:

  • Flickering or weak interior or headlights
  • Whining noises from the alternator
  • Problems starting the car
  • When trying to start the car, it is very weak

Dead battery

This would be the most common problem faced by people. The battery of the car, also known as the starter battery, is what helps pump juice into the car’s system in order to get the car running when you turn the ignition on. When your car has run out of battery or if the battery fails, the car will not be able to start. The reason for this could simply be because the battery has been used and worn out and in need of replacement. Other reasons include – the car being unused for a long period of time, spoilt alternator, electrical problems or gadgets – for example having the dashcam turned on 24/7.

For this problem, you could merely get your battery charged up again if it is still in good condition or replace the battery, electrical gadgets, or alternator – depending on what is at fault. 

Transmission problems

Now that most cars are automatic, the automatic transmissions can be rather complicated as compared to the initial manual transmissions. Despite it being more advanced, the automatic transmissions are rather sensitive when it comes to their maintenance routine. Not only that, it can be affected by a person’s driving style or the specific model of the car. These factors can lead to a premature failure of the automatic transmission. The reason for such transmission problems would be that it has not been maintained well or driving method (start-stop traffic or being an aggressive driver). 

Fixing this issue will require you to disassemble it first and the cost could be rather expensive as you would have to spend on labor as well as replacements of parts. 

Overheating of engine

Whenever you watch movies or television shows, there would be a scene where the bonnet of the car begins to release some sort of smoke. Well, that is because the engine has overheated. The reasons for this are plentiful. Some of the problems that cause the engine to overheat could lead to you having to spend a lot of money to fix it. 

What causes overheating then? This is usually due to a low coolant level. But since it is kept within a sealed system, when the coolant level drops, it is usually a telltale sign to signal to you that there are bigger issues such as leaking or problems with the engine. 

If you feel that your car is overheating, the right thing to do is to immediately stop the engine to give it time to cool down. Allow the engine to cool for a bit before checking the coolant level. Never open the radiator cap immediately. This is because the high pressure from within the system can result in the hot coolant shooting out when touched which can cause injuries.  If need be, top it up with water as a temporary fix. Seek professional help to resolve this issue. 

How to determine if your engine might or could potentially be overheating? Check the temperature gauge, if it has reached the red zone it could be a sign. Additionally, if the air con no longer releases cold air or the engine stalls and can no longer be restarted. 

Too much usage of oil in the engine

Engine oil is important as it helps to lubricate the metals that are constantly rotating in the machine. This helps to slow down the wear and tear or there to be too much friction. The oil also helps to carry away both heat and contaminants. 

When too much oil is being taken in by the car engine, it can be a problem. This is especially so since it will result in there being a low oil level within the car which is bad in the long run. Without much oil, there is not as much lubrication as there should be. This would then make the wear and tear of the engine parts happen at a much faster rate.

This is usually due to engine seals being old and worn out thus resulting in leakages for example. As such, in order to fix it, you will need to have these seals replaced. There might also be other components within the engine that are causing this leakage such as rings and bearings. These too might also have to be changed which can cost you quite a bit.  

It is pretty simple to identify if you are using too much oil as the icon on your dashboard will indicate that there is low engine oil or signal you with the low engine oil pressure warning. 


This is not an exhaustive list but a few of the more common car breakdown issues that people tend to face here in Singapore. When you find yourself in one of these sticky situations, always remember that it is never a good idea to do it by yourself. Always seek professional help and participate in regular car maintenance.