Lockdown #3 Diary – Week 3!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week 3!

It’s still feeling a little bit like ground hog day with the weather not being very pleasant but we are definitely getting more into the groove of home school and being at home all day during this winter lockdown. It’s not as fun as the first summer time one because being couped up in the house during grey days isn’t QUITE as enticing but we can cope. It’s hard to find motivation to DO stuff being this heavily pregnant but I want to get the house clean and tidy for the arrival of baby K the 4th and there’s a bit of decorating that could be done too so this week I’ve been trying to get on it all.

The home school is not fun really but with everyone else in the country we are trying our best and Florence also had her interview and activity day (both remotely) to support her high school application so we have worked on that as well as regular schooling. Boys have a lot of energy and need to be walked like dogs so we have made sure fresh air is had whatever the weather and cooked nice, wholesome food to nourish us.

There’s been as much fun as there have been sticky, tricky moments and we are still very much trying to make the most of it. The vaccinations are being rolled out well – finally this country seem to have done SOMETHING right when it comes to this pandemic and I cannot wait for my Mum to have had hers so that we can all relax a little bit. Here’s hoping it won’t be too much longer!

I did have a very positive appointment with my consultant this wek though – nearly baby time!

More home school and more messy play!
LOADS more rounds of food!
Raffie has become obsessed with having a bath in the sink!
My column in the ED caused a stir on line!
And in print!
All because of THIS picture from my bump shoot with Photography by Jenny Jones – funny what upsets people isn’t it?!
The cat was not impressed at all with us all being here all the time!
Raffie got more involved in the idea of a new baby arriving!
Jimmy started the next one up at Sea Scouts and went from a beaver to a cub on Zoom!
My consultant was very reassuring in this strange, strange time!
Florence had a very important interview!
Poor old Jimmy had to go for a blood test (he’s all good) and was a mega trooper!
It wasn’t the time just me and him that I’d have liked to have before the baby comes but we did have some lovely chats one on one and of course he had a little treat afterwards too!
Yet more food! Do the snacks ever end with home school?!
Towards the end of the week the bump got HUGE!
We found solace in The Family Presents subscription boxes for fun learning activities for home school!
Enjoyed bubble time with my Mum!
On Saturday Jonny decided he was going to finally paint a wall. He did not use masking tape. He did not wear his glasses. I was NOT happy!
I finished the week in dungarees synonymous with pregnancy but actually how practical are they when you need the toilet every 8-10 minutes?!