Get Treated – Norfolk Cake Delivery!

Get Treated – Norfolk Cake Delivery!

On New Year’s Eve Florence was very kindly gifted some cakes for her birthday from local to us in Norfolk delivery service Get Treated. Wow were we impressed, so much so that we have since become firm customers and ordered more because, well, once you’ve tasted them it’s very hard not to keep going back!

Home made deliciousness boxed up amongst fresh fruit, chocolates and sweeties and the Get Treated grazing boxes were immediately pleasing to the eye with, wonderfully, the same wow factor upon the taste test. Those first boxes (which were for two people – 3 cakes each – £9 per person) included two brownies, two cookies and two rocky roads (which I haven’t stopped thinking about) and we absolutely LOVED them.

Beautiful packaging!
With delicious yumminess inside!

The cakes are HUGE and we took several days to get through them while not trying to save them for later AT ALL! They just kept coming and were so big and so yummy we could only manage half a cake at a time. Well, truth is I COULD have managed a whole one in one sitting but decorum and all that!

Rocky Road – Oh goodness this was some sort of Lotus Biscoff world of yumminess!

The grazing boxes are a real treat indeed and we will absolutely be ordering them again for special occasions but in the mean time I had to order myself (this pregnancy has been very sweet fuelled) a box of brownies which Get Treated advertised at a special price of £11.50 and for 4 brownies and two biscoff rocky road it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! We had to get some Lotus Biscoff rocky road things again because actually once tried, well, you’ll know!

This box came without the sweets but was every bit as delish as the grazer!
Raffie wasn’t 100% about sharing though!
Ferrero Rocher brownies were absolutely amazing but…
Not QUITE as good as these caramel ones – Oh my!
While the Lotus Biscoff rocky roads really hit a spot!

I guess buying deliverable cakes is a bit of an indulgence but actually, right now especially, we all need a bit of a treat and for a gift (I’ve also sent one to my friend and accountant who has once again saved me from the January tax return in ways that need more than just a bill settling to say thanks – Get Treated posted them out for me to her in London along with my message of thanks) these are perfect. I actually think £11.50 for 6 cakes is rather reasonable. Especially when I think of the faff baking is when I do it myself and how yummy these ones are and the grazing boxes are so stunningly beautiful as well as tasty that I think I will often order these for our birthday treats and presents for friends.

I absolutely love them and so do the children so we highly, highly recommend! I’ve pre-ordered a Get Treated Valentine’s Box for the 14th of Feb (there is a special pre-order price of £22.50 instead of £25) and cannot wait to try the special love filled offerings. I’m trying very hard not to order any more between now and then but am tempted most days when special deals go up on the Get Treated Instagram story posts so I’m not ruling a box between now and then out… I can’t stop thinking about those caramel brownies now!

Florence was over the moon with her birthday grazing boxes!

So… Cupcakes, brownies, rock road, blondies, big birthday cakes… ALL the baking is on offer from Get Treated. You can send boxes in the post, have them delivered or you can pick up. Get Treated also do pop ups so do follow them on social media to find out where they will be and when.

Thanks Get Treated for our generous gift for Florence and we will be seeing you very soon for more of the same, we love your cakes!

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Some items in this post were gifted to us but we are now customers and will continue to be because Get Treated cakes are almost too good!