Lockdown #3 Diary – Week 4!

Lockdown #3 Diary – Week4!

It hardly seems possible that this week marked a month since we had Christmas day, the last time we could be with extended family and that somehow we have been back to home-school and lockdown life for nearly a month!

The children are a little more into the swing of it but Jimmy is super reluctant to do the work expected of him and it feels like a long old slog most of the school hours. He’s even been getting up in the night to locate his lap top, disable notifications to let us know he’s going on and playing Fortnite. He is so clever and resourceful with absolutely anything as long as it’s not school work!

It’s fine around the “teaching” and we are getting out as a family for walks and spending time together. With being heavily pregnant also it’s not too bad to be a bit slower paced but we do hate the fact the children are missing out.

Florence had her final interview for high school and now we wait and see, Raffie continued to love messy play and Jimmy continued to wow us and infuriate us in equal measure with his brilliance and resistance. That boy will be something brilliant, mark my words!

I was due a sweep on Friday trying to get this baby shifted but they were too busy and postponed until Saturday which was painful but now we await… So far nothing but I’ve another sweep booked in for Monday morning so here’s hoping!

We started the week as we meant to go on… With snacks!
Home nursery got in full swing Tuesday with some more painting!
Florence had her final interview for high school – fingers crossed!
We discovered a whole world of work for Jimmy that we didn’t know was there – fail!
Gram came to make Daddy’s gold wall good!
WEDNESDAY Raffie and I baked salted caramel brownies!
He was VERY pleased with himself!
Thursday the boys planted tulips as part of the Family Presents boxes we have won!
It’s really hard getting two different agges to collaborate. Sometimes goes swimmingly but other times is chaos! The boxes are brilliant however!
I just think at times he’s been so bored what with his big brother and sister being busy with school work and me being here but not really for him most of the time. It’s truly rubbish for a toddler in lockdown at times!
Florence used some of her birthday and Christmas money to buy an Instax camera which she has wanted for ages!
She had a little practice with my camera to make sure it was the shot she wanted as the films are SO expensive!
And then she had a play – what she really wants is her mates to take pictures with them not us! Maybe soon!
I’d say days at the muddy, wet, cold park are nowhere near as fun this lockdown as in the summer!
But we are never ones to be beaten!
And I mean looking at jimmy who refuses to keep his coat or jumper on you’d think it was positively mild – it’s not, it’s blooming freezing!
With eevery lockdown day comes a lockdown delivery and with that the packaging of dreams to keep these boys entertained! Friday was a dreadful home school day but this bit of it was lovely!
And tthen we had a Friday night Facebook Portal quiz which was fab!
Saturday mmorning I got my rescheduled from Friday sweep and a monitor. I hate being in the clinical surroundings of hospital!
I rreally like to just be left alone and not have this level of intervention!
Bloody love the gas and air though!
Gram was offered the AstraZeneca vaccine by phone call on Friday afternoon and was seen having had it by Saturday just after lunch – whoop, whoop!
Sunday was one of those days… Ink and hot chocolate on the carpet, a small kit hen fire, a big argument, a lot of shouting…
This picture and Jimmy’s masked face sums it up really. But… Tomorrow’s another day and another week and not all the days can be brilliant can they. At least this picture has a story!