Celebrating A Decade!

Celebrating A Decade!

Jonny and I have been together for 21 years, literally double my lifetime and frankly, it’s an achievement! For any couple making it through together takes work, as well as love, and I for one say celebrate all that there is to celebrate! All big dates, especially when it’s the end of a decade, have to be clinked with champagne and cards sent that have been written with love. We were pregnant with our fourth child when we wrote our ten year anniversary card to each other, ten years of marriage and 20 years of being together made us seasoned pros perhaps? Yes, pros to have lasted so long, yet still we were, and are learning so much all the time. The secret, we’ve decided, is that age old cliche of laughter, something you definitely get when sending a Boomf card, something you definitely need to lighten the harder bits.

We were pregnant with our 4th ten years to the day of our wedding anniversary, and we say laughter is not ALL it takes, but it does help!

Of course marriage doesn’t work on laughter and love alone and I’m very aware that it’s an ever evolving thing, making it work. At the bones we both try to have understanding of each other’s needs, even when it’s something you might consider relatively small. It used to upset me, not just mildly annoy, but truly hurt my feelings when Jonny wouldn’t listen to the things he considered small but which meant a lot to me. The sending of cards to each other being one of those things. He was always of the opinion that a gift was enough and dismissed the fact I’d repeatedly be sad when there were no words written in a card for me. It took a while but eventually he realised and though it’s not him, he does now take the time to make me happy. I, in turn, try to be understanding that he needs to play football in order to maintain a healthy mind. Neither of us really “get” that about each other but we now, where we may have stropped about it in years gone by, accept the things that make the person we love them, and embrace those things!

I’m not saying we are perfect, oh far from it! We still have to work every single day and sometimes we do that well and other times we fail a bit and have to pick up some pieces. Ultimately we love each other and always have done which is why we continue to work through the good days and the ones which aren’t quite so much fun, but no marriage works on love alone, that’s just the driving force to ensure we work at the rest!

This year will be our 22nd year of being us, our 12th as a married couple and parents of now 4 beautiful children. We send a lot of cards in this house as it’s always someone’s birthday, an anniversary or celebration of some sort, and that’s what we live for, always something to celebrate! And you know what I’m like about cards, I send them, wordily, to all who I love and Boomf cards are some of my favourite because they surprise and always, always make everyone, not just the recipient, smile so do check out the Boomf card shop.

Send cards!
And celebrate everything worth celebrating!