PAJ GPS Trackers For Kids!

PAJ GPS Trackers For Kids!

GPS Tracking anytime, anywhere with a GPS tracking g device service available in over 100 countries!

Compatible with your Smart phone, laptop and PC, access the device information from all devices!

Custom alarms and an SOS button mean instant notifications!

See your travel history for 100 days when needing to track back to a specific date!

It might have felt like Big Brother back in the days when Transport for London brought in the trackable Oyster Card but I was always a fan. Where others felt their privacy was being invaded I was always of the opinion that I’d nothing to hide, therefore what would I mind if TFL knew my travel history? What’s more, were I to go missing, I liked the fact my last known movements would be easily found and thus my whereabouts sourced quickly. I always felt it a positive and good thing in a world which can be extremely scary. I am pro being safety conscious so it was a big thumbs up from me and that was always my argument as to why.

Years later with 4 children in tow and I’m even more concerned with safety, this time theirs rather than my own. Like I said, it’s a scary world and yet we still need to offer a level of freedom to our children in order to nurture them and help them grow into confident people. My eldest, at 12, has just begun high school and travels on a public bus each day. My newly turned 10 year old plays out with friends on occasion too. They are both on their own frequently which leaves my heart in my mouth at times but, as they both have mobile phones I can keep track of theor movements using maps. I don’t see this as an invasion of their privacy, and neither do they. It is what keeps them safer and allows them the ability to have freedom so we all see it as a massive plus. Without it they simply wouldn’t be allowed to go off on their own. So, the big kids are sorted but… I also have two pre-schoolers who are both too young to have a mobile phone OR go out alone, however, if one of them was to get lost in a crowd (my eldest once wandered off at a theme park and it was a long 5 minutes) how would I find them faster?

Well, in step the PAJ GPS Tracker for kids! PaJ make all sorts of GPS Trackers For all sorts of purposes and whether you’re wanting to keep tabs on your property like a vehicle, your pet or your most precious people then they are absolutely the experts to help you do it!

The working principles of all their devices is the same, attach the device to what or who you want to track and it will then send location data to the PAJ Finder app where you can track its movement.

The PAJ GPS Easy Finder Tracker for kids which I’ve been testing out (there are other kids tracking devices in the range), is the All Round Finder and costs £64.99, has a 20 day battery life, is splash proof and crucially, has a visible SOS button that can be easily accessed by the child. It comes with a case which can be hidden in a pocket or worn around the neck on a lanyard as shown in my pictures.

This Tracker offers a positioning accuracy of about 5 meters when attached to the body or placed in a bag or buggy. It won’t even be in danger of getting lost as with notification settings for things like shock you will be notified to your device should it come off unintentionally.

Now, like I said, for my eldest they have their own devices which are linked to mine and I can track their whereabouts. My youngest and you may think you don’t need to do that as they are never alone. I do however, think the peace of mind such an item can offer is invaluable. Raffie wandered down the beach last year having just slipped off in the blink of an eye. To have had him wearing this, or carrying it in his pocket, would have been so comforting in those frantic seconds which feel like hours. None of us want that heart sinking feeling but it can be alleviated if it comes by knowing we can look at the app and pin point that yes, he is on the beach just slightly further up. It immediately alerts everyone to be off in the right direction and plucking him back within the same blink of an eye he disappeared in. I can’t tell you how hard my heart was beating in those moments and now that we have this, we won’t be going anywhere crowded without it.

Festivals, fetes, beaches and more, this will gift me a little bit of calm while hopefully we will never need to use its many benefits. Raffie is actually very keen on it and knows where the SOS button is as well as how to take it out of its little casing in order to access it. I think though he likes wearing it around his nexk, we prefer to have it in a zipped pocket of his jacket then he will forget about it and not be quite so keen to use it until he needs it, the SOS button works very well when not in an SOS moment so we feel sure it will be just fine for if he ever really needs it. We didn’t feel like dropping him in a field and just seeing what happens so you’ll have to just take my word for it on that one!

It’s a dedicated GPS Tracker not dressing up as a piece of jewellery thus having a secondary purpose where design and tech can’t be the absolute best they can be, and it does its job discreetly but with that as its sole purpose and all it has to focus on. It is also built with that SOS button an older child like my 4 year old can learn to press if he finds himself alone or scared, at that point all contacts stored will be notified of his alarm and his position.

Just like Google maps which my big kids are logged into with map sharing to us, the PAJ tracker has all street and house numbers on their on line portal so that you can fin your child’s exact coordinates. The finder portal has a log in and then it’s pretty self explanatory although there is an easy step by step guide to follow just to make sure.

You can set it to notify you of various things like if it experiences shock, speed or if the SOS button is activated. I have the app downloaded onto my phone and its very easy to access just as you’d hope.

It’s all pretty impressive stuff and in a world which is moving as fast as it does then it’s necessary. I’m so pleased that we have this and it definitely makes me feel easier about being in crowded spaces with the little two. The hope is we will never not be able to see them but the knowledge that we have this is definitely giving peace of mind. And Raffie thinks he’s very special to have it, he’s calling it his mobile phone and you know what? If that’s what he wants to call it then good for him!

The very easy to use, from set up and charging to practically, is wonderful and what’s even better is the cost of us. You can buy packages which last certain periods of time or monthly for just £5.99 per month which lets you utilise the mapping facilities. For us as a family we will very much dip in and out as and when we need to, I expect far more in the summer months when we are at festivals and the like. It’s great, I’m super impressed!

I was gifted the tracker and a 6 month subscription to the service as part of a paid collaboration with the brand.

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