Christmas Perfection!

Perfection at Christmas, so what could that be?

Mum’s up at 4, boy it makes her grumpy!

She sings in the kitchen, it wakes us all up

I turn back to a teen and shout ‘Do shurrrrup’!


We all get out of bed, stockings ripped apart

Big grins are on, forgotten the early start!

We nibble on smoked salmon breakfasts, I’m not sure why?

With bagels it’s tradition without it we would cry!


It’s time to get dressed, silly jumpers and dress up clothes

The children will wince at pictures later on I suppose!

And off in the car now, we all squeeze in!

Four of us plus my Mum in our tiny 3 door tin!


Frazzled we arrive, family welcome us at the door,

Cousins leaping and shrieking, children all over the floor!

Everyone is smiling, clinking glasses in their hands

My Mother in law is cooking & to the sofa the rest of us land!


A feast is upon us with deliciousness everywhere,

Our family is together, there’s no other care!

We laugh, we joke, we eat, we enjoy our Christmas lunch

We can fit no more in, we give in, we enjoyed it very much!


And now it’s time for presents, the children’s eyes open wide

Who is that jingling into the room standing by the side?

Then one of the little ones notices, the beareded man in red

‘Popped into say hello, Happy Christmas’ he said!


Papa mysteriously missed him but the children don’t notice that

We all settle down for a rest now, even the full up cat!

The end of the day is nearing and into the car back we go

Off to my Mum’s to retire, it’s been a flipping good show!


TV and champagne to finish the day

It’s been wonderful thank you, I hear us all say!

Squashed on the sofa, we’ve eaten far too much

Not perfection for some but just perfect for us!

Christmas 4

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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