Cloud B CloudBox Story Telling Night Light Projector Soother!

Cloud B CloudBox Story Telling Night Light Projector Soother!

Posie was recently sent the Cloud-B CloudBox Story Telling Night Light and Projector to try out at bed times. It is, as you’d imagine, exactly what it says on the tin in that it does indeed tell stories and project night light images to soothe and lull little ones at bed time. But in fact, it is actually the ONLY story telling box which also has a night light built into it. We found that in lots of ways it’s very different to other boxes which offer a story at bed time and we’ve been very much enjoying using it.

The box offers 36 stories which you might not have heard before, they’re not famous stories, written by children’s authors you know and love and yet there’s a sense of nostalgia about them that I found when listening with Posie. The stories are old-fashioned but none the less for being so, and they’re read with a very calming voice which totally took me back to my own childhood, it felt very familiar yet that came from the style, more so that the person the voice must belong to. I loved the stories which feature the same characters who reunite in various stories. They definitely sent me off to sleep and that’s without the soothing night light!

The night light synchronises with the stories to deliver a display running in theme to the tale. It also offers melodies to drift off to and perhaps best for younger ones, white noise too. You can even record 8 of your own stories onto the box to compliment those which are built in. The ones you read can be 8 minutes long each so plenty of time to put the faves on there too and we found that if I read a story then Raffie and Posie could turn the pages on their favourite ones themselves because they know them so well.

I’d say the Cloud-B CloudBox has been a real hit with the pair of them, but especially so with Posie who is just getting used to the fact she has her own room (not that she’s still keen to use it) and she’s very much enjoyed having the box on her side stand to play with as well as listen to at bed time.

CloudBox can be listening to in both French (we have, why not?!) and English, it can be charged up using the cable it comes with ant taken on the go, and there is a headphone socket to be listened to quietly if needed too. It’s very interactive as the turning knobs dictate which universe you choose (there are four) and which character (there’s 12 to choose from), then a story using the combination of choice will play for you with its own unique light projections. And if you want a new story you simply press the button to jump on!

A very clever little box indeed!


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