Count Down To Christmas – Sassy Piano Rattle!

Well, if you don’t already know by now, I’m a big fan Sassy toys. They’re very well made, easy for tiny hands to hold, have interesting features and the colours (which include black and white widely) are extremely stimulating for babies. Jimmy is 7 months old and has been using various Sassy toys through his development so far with great pleasure. I think he’s fond of the style they have running through their range and because they make toys for every occasion he is rarely without one by his side.

Now me personally and in general, am not a fan of the noisy toy. I know children are, so I grin and bear them but anything that makes music is generally a teeth grater for me. We have one toy (not from Sassy) which goes off willy nilly, plays the same tune over and over again and lasts for absolutely ages once it starts! It’s the sort of toy you would see in a scary movie; suddenly everything would be quiet then from the corner of the room the toy would start to play music on its own… LOUDLY! People have actually commented on it and it annoys me loads but… I put up with it.

I wasn’t then, jumping for joy when asked to review another noisy rattle toy but I decided again that if Jimmy likes it then I’ll just have to put up with it. I was very surprised however, to find that the Sassy Piano doesn’t irritate me half as much as I thought it might! It still does keep Jimmy quite entertained though so I think we might just have found our winner for the noisy baby toy category! This rattle has one button (all the keys) which produces four different tunes when pressed gently. The beauty of it is that it produces a similar effect to the other toy but the tunes don’t go on very long, are not very loud and it doesn’t seem to just suddenly go off on its own accord! It also has coloured beads running inside the handle and some rings round the outside of it which makes it even more appealing. With the trademark Sassy colours and being light enough for a little one to hold and play with on his or her own it’s a clear winner for us!

The rattle is recommended for children aged 6m+ and at just £3.95 (over a pound under the RRP) is a bargain from Precious Little One!