Count Down To Christmas – Sassy Rescue Vehicle Set!

Bath toys have quickly become one of Jimmy’s favourite types of toys and he looks forward to having his bath so much we have just had to get him some lovely things to keep him entertained while he’s in the tub! He’s gone from having a quick in and out dip to sitting and playing with his sister for ages and it’s delightful to see! Florence has some toys of course but I can’t say she’s wild keen on sharing them and to be honest they’re quite girly too and obviously a bit more advanced than Jimmy’s stage! It’s nice then, for him to have something a bit more boyish and most importantly, his own!

The Sassy Baby Rescue Vehicles Set (6m+) is just perfect for a little boy like ours and just as I am with all the other toys from the range that we’ve tried, I’m very impressed with it. The set comprises of a boat, plane and water buoy with each providing very different things:

The buoy lights up when floating in the water which is very sweet. Not a great big flashing, all singing, all dancing toy but a nice gentle glow. It only glows when in the water and upright and is very interesting for a baby!

The Plane has a basket which hooks onto it and you can strain water through it as you make it fly over the little ones heads. This is quite a good idea for introducing water on to a little ones face as it makes it fun.

The boat, when squeezed under water, fills up and then can be used as a water squirter as it has three different holes so produces three different jets. The three different jets sets it aside from similar toys and makes it that little bit more special.

All three items are brightly coloured, easy to hold with small hands and do what they say they will. We like very much and we think they would make an excellent main Christmas present or could easily be wrapped up as three individual toys for a stocking!

Precious Little One are selling it with not only a price match guarantee but with a 10% discount off the difference! Can’t say fairer than that now can you!