Counting Sheep!

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Counting Sheep!

I spend my time getting to sleep, which you’d think wouldn’t be hard being a busy Mum, lying awake pretending I have a far healthier purse, metaphorically counting sheep if you will! I often find that winding down from a day with much going on, chaotic lifts to various clubs and then a frenzy of dinner before someone else needs to be dropped at another club and the little ones need getting ready for bed that by the time I hop into bed, rather than ready to drop, I’m wired. I don’t like to look at my phone as this only engages my brain more so it’s a pretend lottery win or NetBet flutter come good that I set my brain to spending and once I’ve done that I find it far easier to fall asleep.

First up I do a bit of good distributing money to various foundations in need and my friends and family who’s lives I will change by gifting them – I mean life is no fun if you can’t make other people happy and just as that famous Friend’s sketch says, it would be rubbish to be rich on my own, in a private helicopter to the Cape while I had to wait for them to gas up the Hyundai!

Next is the house I’d buy, or rather, have built! 6 bedrooms, one for each of us and one for a guest all with walk in dressing rooms that lead onto en suites and a kitchen of dreams with light flooding in. I go over the fixtures and fittings choosing colour ways and little details. There will be a music room, cinema snug, play room and boot room with sinks and the gardens will be extensive with a pool. Clearly I’ll need a full time house keeper and gardener to keep on top of it all!

Oh and then I go shopping, clothes and shoes and all the things I’ll need to take on all the fabulous holidays I have planned, in this non-reality world of mine. I buy all the things I window shop at ordinarily and then book trips to the Caribbean and Dubai (always a beach holiday for me) with skiing and Lapland for the kids come the winter.

Well, you never know do you… And if you’re in it to win it well! I’m prepared at any rate, now I’ve just got to win!