How to transport a newborn in a car? General rules for driving parents

How to transport a newborn in a car? General rules for driving parents

In the modern world, transporting a baby in a car is a daily matter. That is why there are so many recommendations on how to transport a child by car. If you are a future parent or a future driver with a child, you should definitely read this article. Let’s start!

Can I carry a child in my arms?

No, under no circumstances should a child be carried in arms. Why? Everything is extremely simple – in case of an accident it is impossible to hold a baby and protect his body and head. In an accident, a strong blow for a baby, there is a high probability of serious injury. For babies, this is especially dangerous, because their musculoskeletal system is not yet developed. Their bones are undeveloped, elastic, the cervical vertebrae are weak, and the muscular corset is completely absent.

It is also important to remember that the head of a newborn is too large relative to the body. Because of this, even sudden braking or careless crossing through a pit or a speed bump is dangerous for a baby during transportation.

Because of all this, transporting a child in a car is allowed, provided that a special restraint is used:

  • car seat for babies up to 6 months old;
  • car seat for six months.

These rules are especially important to follow if you are going on a long trip, say on vacation. In order not to make a long journey with the baby in the car, but to stay in comfort throughout the rest, you can consider the option of renting a car at the place of rest. The best thing about this is that you won’t spend a lot of money, because the prices for rented cars are very pleasant, even if you consider to rent a Tesla, you’ll be surprised by a really low price. Also, car rental services offer a huge selection of cars, here you will definitely find your ideal option.

The baby is tired of lying and sitting

What to do if the newborn is tired of lying or sitting in the cradle? What if he or she is worried, naughty, asks for pens? Ideally, you need to stop, park the car and calm the baby. Walk a little, talk to him in a calm, affectionate tone, offer to drink water or eat. You can also check the diaper, maybe it’s in it.

If the child can sit, you can try to adjust the angle of the seat. Make sure the baby is securely fastened in the seat belts.

When should you teach your child to the car?

If you are the driver of your own car, it is worth accustoming your child to travel in it from birth. Little by little, increasing the travel time. If you do not have your own car, you can call a taxi for travel. However, it is very important to notify the driver that you need a child seat, as not all drivers may have one. During the first trips, the baby may be worried about the car seat, but most often, children tolerate such trips well and immediately fall asleep in the car.

What should be in the car?

Here is a small list of what should always be in the car of the parent-driver:

  • wet wipes;
  • disinfectants;
  • water;
  • a pack of disposable diapers;
  • several diapers;
  • a change of clothes;
  • sunblind (if the child seat does not have one).

What should be in the car for a long road?

Something to add in a previous list if you have a long journey:

  • children food;
  • light blanket and flannel diaper;
  • a few small toys so that the child does not get bored.

Being a driver with a baby on board is such a responsible thing which needs a huge amount of attention and patience. But, using this little list of recommendations, you can make the journeys much more comfortable and safe. Use it and never forget that being a parent is a lovely duty and huge responsibility.