How to prepare for a baby

How to prepare for a baby

Congratulations! You’re going to be parents.

Make sure you take the time to let the news sink in before you announce it to others. When you’re ready, you can take inspiration from extravagant celebrity reveals or simply get the family together and see their reaction.

Once you’ve told everyone, you’ll need to get started on preparations. But with so much to think about, which are the important bits? Follow our tips below to be ship-shape before the baby arrives.

Plan for the birth  

Wherever you choose to give birth, there’s a lot you can do to feel better prepared.

Start reading up on the process so you know what to expect. Positive and informative social media content, like the @thenakeddoula, could help you feel more in control of the delivery.

If you’re going to be away from home, put together a hospital bag. Consider things like phone chargers, baggy clothing for the ride home, and hair ties. Likewise, include items that will make you feel more comfortable, like a hairbrush and face wipes to freshen up. And don’t forget snacks!

Buy baby gear

Don’t buy too much – you’ll be given lots of gifts when the baby arrives. Prioritise the purchase of bigger basics like car seats, prams, and a crib and everyday necessities like nappies and wipes.

Baby walkers and bouncers aren’t suitable until the baby is a bit older, so you may want to hold off on purchasing these to save on the storage space.

It can be difficult to juggle the financial impact of the expensive essentials. You could look for a line of credit as an alternative to bad credit loans to deal with the strain. Be sure to consider all terms of any financial product before committing.

Decorate the nursery

This is often a fun part of the process and satisfies the nesting urge for many prospective parents. Pastel paint colours are a popular choice, but you can get as creative as you like. Try wall art or wallpaper for cosiness and choose a soft feeding armchair to make it snug.

Babies don’t always run to schedule, so be sure to put essential furniture in place well ahead of your due date.

Freeze meals in advance

You’ll be juggling caring for a newborn, yourself, and your home, so make multiple batch meals in advance and freeze them. You may feel like you can handle the cooking now, but you’ll need meals to be as easy as possible when the baby is actually here.

Make sure the recipes you pick are nutritious – a balanced diet will support your health as new parents.


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