Crafty Puppet Theatre Fun!

Last night Florence and Jonny were playing a new made up game of ‘Puppet Show’. They were just using the puppets and toys at my Mum’s and making up stories and performing them to each other in the play room.  It was so inventive and clever and making them laugh in bucket loads so this afternoon I decided we would use an old box and make our own proper puppet theatre for their brilliant shows to be performed in!

We used:

A large cardboard box

Red and white tissue paper

Blue crepe paper

Gold and silver star sequins

glue and scissors

It was so simple and easy to do and only took us about half an hour. Florence had great fun making it with me and when we finished she was delighted with the result and immediately performed for us a made up show about a wiggley worm called Dora!

This is how we did it:

We got an old box big enough for Florence to climb inside then we cut up some red and white tissue paper into strips!

Next we glued them in candy stripes all over the box!

To make the window we drew round a small box and cut out inside the lines.

Thrilled with her new puppet theatre so far but we just had one more job to do… Make the curtain!

We cut out a piece of blue crepe paper slightly bigger than the window and glued gold and silver star sequins all over it!

Then we glued one edge to the top edge of the window and hey presto, we had a curtain! When the show starts we can simply lift up the curtain and fold it over on to the roof of the puppet theatre!

Florence’s very first performance in her new puppet theatre, ‘Dora the Wiggley Worm’!

Next we’ll have to make some puppets to use in our performances. Florence had the brilliant idea of using wooden spoons to decorate into characters! Seems like a great idea to me, basic wooden spoons are only about 30p in the supermarket and we can decorate them with googly eyes, tissue paper and other bits and pieces! Fab!