More Puppet Theatre Fun – Crafty Spatula Puppets!

Having made our own puppet theatre this weekend, we decided that we really needed to have some home made puppets to go with it! Well, any excuse to get some glue and glitter out eh, and that’s just me!

Florence loves decorating wooden spoons and we decided we would make our puppets using some as they are very cheap in the supermarket but when we got there we found some wooden spatulas for just 28p (Asda) and thought they would work even better!

Florence sat down at her little table with the spatulas and a bag of her craft making stuff, googly eyes, glue sticks, tissue paper, glitter and jewels and made four of the best puppets I’ve ever seen!

She got started doing the faces using the googly eyes, sticking on paper and drawing with felt tips!

Next she made arms with fluffy pipe cleaners – I helped with this bit!

After a few finishing touches…

We had some pretty fine puppets all ready to perform in our theatre!

Daddy and Florence set about rehearsals (we do things properly obviously dhhhharling) and then Jimmy and I were ushered in to the room to enjoy the first of their production companies offerings – ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Starring the spatula puppet quad!

The show went down a storm with some truly excellent puppeteering and voice work from Daddy and Florence and Jimmy and I were whooping and cheering at the end! Can’t wait for the next show!

The show was fab!

I particularly enjoyed the huffing and puffing from The Big Bad Wolf’s character!

The stars of the show even took a bow at the end!

And then once the curtain came down it was time for bows from the stars behind the scenes!

We love craft work and this particular project has been lots of fun as well as proving to be very entertaining afterwards! Wonder what we can make out of wooden spoons and a cardboard box next?!