Creative Children’s Bedroom Redecoration Ideas

Creative Children’s Bedroom Redecoration Ideas

Florence has just had a more grown up theme to change her room and she loves it!

Has your child outgrown their nursery?  Do you need to start thinking about how to redecorate their bedroom?  Well, no doubt you’ll want to create a fun yet practical bedroom, ideally one that won’t need redoing for a good number of years.  There are plenty of ways to achieve this, and below are a few ideas to help get your creativity flowing.

Pick a cool theme

It’s always nice to be able to design a child’s bedroom with a theme, but what do you choose? Going with your kid’s latest crazes will only work for a short time.  So, you probably want to avoid anything that will need updating as soon as they get bored with it.  

However, you could try decorating with a looser theme, such as a coastal or a pastel theme. Wooden or white furniture will fit in nicely with these themes and will be neutral enough to fit in with future decoration ideas.  This could potentially save you money as your child gets older.

Change the flooring

A change to the flooring is a simple but effective way of giving the bedroom a fresh feel.  New flooring doesn’t have to be expensive, with typical carpet fitting prices ranging from £100 to £200 and hard flooring costing from £150 upwards.

Whether you decide to go for a hard-flooring solution or a soft carpet, make sure you pick something that will withstand a bit of wear and tear.  Paying a little bit more for flooring that will last much longer is a sensible spend.

If you want to protect the floor to make it last a bit longer, try adding a practical rug.  Go for one that can be easily cleaned or has stain resistant properties.

Add some useful storage

Children’s bedrooms are notoriously messy places.  Fun storage will help to encourage good habits.  Units with small pull-out storage boxes are great for organising toys and are easy for children to handle.  

Drawers that pull out from underneath the bed are useful and space saving, perfect for storing clothes.  Modular storage also makes a good solution for children’s bedrooms.  It that can be added to and changed around to suit your child’s needs as they grow.  

Simple solutions such as toy hammocks and baskets are also useful for storing smaller items away. They’re also easy to move around when necessary.