Halloween Murder Mystery – FREE TEMPLATE!

Halloween Murder Mystery – FREE TEMPLATE!

When the kiddos asked me what we could do for Halloween in a semi locked down COVID Britain it was a bit of a conundrum. No trick or treating, no ordinary days out and certainly no Halloween party put us in a bit of a pickle but we LOVE to get dressed up, celebrate and decorate so we needed to think of something. Florence came up with the idea of doing a Murder Mystery evening and so I set about writing the script!

It seemed to be a very popular idea when I spoke about it on my Instagram stories so I offered the template of my script for free and was going to email it those interested but in the end, with many requests for it, I decided it would be better to make the template and script available as a FREE download on my blog. So here it is!


Madam Von Ghoulie Knickers (host in the know and organiser of the party) invites guests to dinner in order to celebrate her niece Greta Goreishly becoming the school prom Queen! Join her and Greta along with Earl Deathe Street, Master Hole-Head, Boney Wolfenden and Granny Witchwick to enjoy a three course meal with drinks and a finale!

Oh and one other thing… There WAS a sixth guest, Oliver Cark-It, but he never made it to the party… He was MURDERED on the way and as your character you will spend the evening trying to work out who Dunnit!

“And Then There Were Six” Overview of the template and script:

As part of the template you are given bios for each character which all need to be printed out and given in a sealed envelope to each guest along with the secret info about their own individual character. There are instructions on how to dress and behave here too.

To begin Madam will read aloud a telegram from the Chief of Police (this has to be printed out).

The template also encompasses scripts for each course: Drinks, starters, mains, desserts and just desserts (the finale) which need to be printed out and handed to each character by Madam at the beginning of each course/scene.

There are questions which need to be printed and put in a bowl in the middle of the table for the main course which are to be randomly picked and read out one per character and answered honestly by the person being spoken to.

The finale is a time to reflect and make your guesses!

I THINK the template is clear and you will know what to print out, who to give what info and when but if you’re confused please send me a direct message on Instagram here and I will help! I don’t think this will be the most PERFECT Murder Mystery ever written but I do hope it’ll be fun and I think for children missing a normal trick or treat it might be just the tonic!


And The There Were Six!” – is an original Murder Mystery template written by me (Ruth Davies Knowles) and while I am VERY happy for you to use it I do hold the copyrights so no funny business in re-publishing please!