You know I love a little entrepreneur! Florence started making pocket money by making bracelets (which she still does) and has moved on to doing face glitter and hair braiding at parties which children love and funds her surfing lessons. I adore the fact that she’s got the gumption to do have started something to try and earn a bit of money and this week another little girl sent me a very sweet card explaining why she too is making gorgeous bracelets to earn a bit of pocket money, AND to make donations to her local animal charity which she’s fond of. She also sent me three of her extremely lovely bracelets for myself, Florence and Posie so that we could see for ourselves what her workmanship is like!

They’re utterly beautiful and I was so pleased to receive them I have plumped to support her by buying another for my niece and my friend’s daughter for Christmas. We are seeing them both on Christmas Eve and I thought it would be a nice little gift for my girls to give to them so that they all have a bracelet with their name on it!

It’s lovely when children find ways of earning a little pocket money and even better when a percentage goes to charity to do visit Daisy on her Instagram page (@Daisyboo_Beads) and buy from her Etsy shop this Christmas!

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