A Day Out In Greenwich With Pizza, Farms, Boats And Theatre!

I simply adore London but never more so than in the sunshine. London comes alive in the summer and with so many wonderful things to see and do outside it lends itself to a warmer climate beautifully!

It’s a myth that children don’t see fresh air and fields if they live in the City because here in London we do have the best of both worlds and this weekend we took a trip to one of my fave areas to take advantage of some of the lush green side of the capital!

We took a day out in Greenwich and had so much fun I had to blog about it!

We started out on the DLR, always a favourite with both of my children as you can sit at the front and pretend to drive. They were only slightly disappointed when the driver didn’t let them speak over the tannoy or press the horn button which happened earlier on in the week and just got stuck into enjoying the ride!

Greenwich Day Out Post 3

We alighted at Crossharbour where we got to see some of the London Marathon and cheer on the runners at the front as the race had only just started!

Then we took a short stroll to Mudchute farm which I have only discovered recently but have already been back more than once as it is ace! It’s free and HUGE and it totally makes you feel like you’re in the countryside!

Greenwich Day Out Post

Fun on the farm!

After fun on the farm we made our way to Greenwich walking along side the river and taking in all the Docklands has to look at which is lots! It took about 20 minutes to walk from the farm to the Greenwich Tunnel where we had to wait and play on the green until we were allowed to go through the tunnel. It was very busy with the marathon so they were staggering people going in. It didn’t matter as the green was lovely and the sunshine made it very pleasant to sit and people watch and play with Daddy!

Greenwich Day Out Post 4

Just sitting and playing in the sunshine while we waited to go through the tunnel! 

The other side at Greenwich and we had fun looking at the magnificent Cutty Sark before finding Pizza Express for lunch. Pizza Express can, in my opinion, be absolutely dreadful or amazingly wonderful. I’m not sure why that is but we have had excellent meals like the one we had on Jimmy’s first birthday last year and we have had dire service in others. It’s never particularly the food I find offensive but the staff in certain restaurants have been very unpleasant in the past. Both Norwich restaurants have been bad experiences for us at times and the one in Westfield White City was absolutely dire a couple of weeks ago!

We choose to go back because when you find a good one, it really is great and Florence is very keen on the food; it’s her favourite restaurant and she often asks if we can go. Luckily the Greenwich restaurant was amazing and despite finding a pizza we wouldn’t order again (the new Emilia is very greasy, doesn’t have much topping and is more like a garlic bread) we had a lovely meal. Florence was made to feel very special by the waiter who brought her extra cucumber when she asked and even took her off to make her own desert! She thought that was absolutely fab!

Day Out Greenwich Pizza Express

Making and eating your own desert in Pizza Express means you get more than double to chocolate sticks!

After our pizza we headed for a trip around the famous market where I bought beads for Jimmy’s party favours and a bracelet with ladybirds on for Florence in the wonderfully named Beadoir! And then it was on to the park!

Greenwich Park is huge and absolutely magnificent to look at. With the children’s boating lake and extensive play ground it was very much an ideal way to spend the afternoon for us!

Greenwich Day Out Post 1

Boating made us feel all Swallows and Amazons!

Greenwich Day Out Post 2

A play in the park! 

And before the day was over it was off to the Greenwich Theatre to see Pirate Gran before heading home tired but with big grins on our faces! Jonny and I have always loved Greenwich for its eclectic and fashionable side but now with our children it’s still a fabulous place to visit in London with much going on and things to do!

I have not been paid or incentivised to write this post.