Pirate Gran!

I absolutely love going to the theatre with the children (you might have guessed)! I love the fact that I can introduce them to something I am so fond of at such young ages and I feel very lucky that we have such excellent children’s theatre in this country in order to do so!

There’s one production company which is a cut above everyone else and when I see a show has Scamp Theatre behind it I can pretty much guarantee that it will be a stunning performance! We’ve seen lots from them in the past and never been even slightly disappointed; indeed we go back year after year at Christmas to see their ever wonderful winter production of Stick Man. It’s one of the highlights of our theatre calendar and in between we are very, very happy to go and see anything else by them!

This weekend just gone we were in for a brilliant treat when we went to see Pirate Gran, Scamp’s latest offering, which is an adaption of the popular children’s books by Geraldine Durrant and Rose Forshall. The show is aimed at children aged 3 and above but Jimmy, at nearly two, is mega into Pirates and LOVED it!

The cast of PIRATE GRAN. Photo Credit Farrows Creative (3)

Pirate Gran is extremely funny, gentle and a fearsome pirate to boot!

A very entertaining story with songs, comedy and a brilliantly eccentric Pirate Gran makes for very interesting and exciting viewing indeed. With stage props turning from sofa to pirate ship and more I think it gave all the children in the audience some ideas for play once back home and with a lovely story to boot, where Pirate Gran takes her little pirates to the Pirate Games we came away having had a really wonderful time! Of course! This is, as I mentioned, a Scamp production!

With fabulous actors including the ‘girl pirate’ who we have seen perform with Scamp (and other companies) before and we always think is brilliant! Florence immediately said ‘Oh look, it’s her, we like her! This show, in my opinion, is set to create lots of happy pirate waves over the tour it is taking until the end of the summer. See www.scamptheatre.com for more information on this and all their productions.

The cast of PIRATE GRAN. Photo Credit Farrows Creative (8)

A brilliant show!

I was sent complimentary tickets in return for an honest review. 

One thought on “Pirate Gran!

  1. Hi – just wanted to thank you for your overwhelmingly lovely comments. I am allowed to say it is a brilliant show, because that is all down to Scamp – I just wrote the books!
    Their reputation of course precedes them, so I knew it was going to be good – and I loved what they have done with it…super-imaginative and great use of props, as usual – like Gran’s chair which has three proper legs, and one pirate peg leg for example! It’s those little details that just make the show – they never seem to miss a trick.
    kindest regards to you and your little pirate,

    Geraldine x

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